Dog stomach pain when touched, what can I do if he has an upset stomach?

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Stomach pain relief for dogs is a process that always has to be supervised by your veterinarian. The discomfort in his belly may be a symptom of a simple indigestion, or it means that he has swallowed poison, that he is depressed or because of a disease of lethal consequences for him. That is why whenever you notice that his stomach hurts, before using any home remedy, post a question to one our online veterinarians.

The vet specialist will dismiss a case of gastric torsion, a possible depression or a poisoning, prescribing what type of diet your dog should take and how you have to pamper it (much of it, we’ll already tell you in this article). The tricks to relieve stomach pain that we're going to give here are for use at that time, when you know there's nothing serious going on. But let's start at the beginning.

how to settle a dog's upset stomach

Your friend will usually warn you of a pain in his belly using the following pattern: you will notice that he first groans, then displays discomfort when walking or lying down, as if he cannot find a posture where he feels comfortable. If the problem goes beyond that, the abdominal area may swell a bit, the dog will get sad for not being able to resolve what is happening and he will feel sleepy.

You will know that it is a serious problem associated with stomach pain if he vomits foam, if he coughs a lot, if he has diarrhea or if in his stool you find either black or red blood. Keep in mind that it is very easy to confuse the symptoms of a stomach discomfort with those of another serious disease, which is why we recommend that, before attempting to heal your dog with natural methods, take him to the vet. It may have been infected by parasites and you might be giving him a soft diet thinking that it is just some kind of minor indigestion problem.

What to give a dog for upset stomach and vomiting?

After taking your dog to the veterinarian and confirming that nothing serious is happening, it is time to get to work. What is certain is that when a doggy has a common stomach pain, he can be treated almost, but almost, like a human. Imagine that if he was a child of yours and that he feels bad, requiring attention and a special diet? Sure you can imagine your dog as a son or daughter of yours, right? ;).

His stomach will be sensitive. The most common is that he will not able to retain the food by having the stomach sore, so let him rest. The first advice we give is to immediately stop giving him whatever food you usually give him, keep water always handy so he can always drink when he needs, but don't give him anything to eat.

By the way, whenever we can, we recommend that you give your dog the best quality food available. Please note that one of the reasons your dog’s stomach aches could be because of the food, so if you weren't worrying about the quality of the food he was taking, begin to do so.

Apart from that, remove his food for 24 hours if your vet allows it and provide your dog with products containing little fat, little fiber and with the ones that doesn't make his belly heavy or that are hard to evacuate. Again, think about you when you fell sick, what your parents gave you then?

My DOG STOMACH is making NOISES and GROWS loudly

If your dog's guts make lot of very strong noises, if he has diarrhea, he does not want to eat or the bowel sounds are very strong, we tell you what to do in the next video. In Barkibu we have online veterinarians which are specialists in nutrition.

Follow the tips of the veterinarian, allow the stomach to rest and then watch over his diet

Chicken is a perfect meat for your dog to receive quality nutrients without much fat, as well as white fish. Remember that whenever you provide him with these food products meant for humans you have to be careful with the bones. Clean the meat well and prepare it as if your dog were a small child. Following the usual diets for gastroenteritis, your dog can also eat carrot, pumpkin and a small bit of aloe vera if you have it at hand.

what to give your dog when he has an upset stomach?

Let's recap. If your dog has pain in his stomach, the first thing you need to do is to consult with your veterinarian. When the specialist discards the attack of parasites, a serious illness or a severe poisoning, you can add in his diet ingredients to take care of the stomach, so that it rests and recovers as soon as possible.

As a final note, dogs are very sensitive beings, so in addition to give your friend a proper food, provide him with an extra ration of pampering as well. Your dog will heal in no time.