Home remedies for dog constipation - How to make my dog poop now


Jan 17

Posted by Barkibu editors

'How to make my dog poop now' 'My dog can´t poop and is in pain' are habitual symptoms for constipation. Can I give chamomile to my dog? What can I give it when he has pain in his stomach? What are the best home remedies for colic in dogs? In this article, we'll tell you how to solve the problems of the stomach of a constipated dog and how to clean his stomach. Anyway, remember that before all that you have to dismiss that he is not suffering from a serious illness.

That is to say, before worrying about how to make your dog expel the gases, make sure that it is only an indigestion, not a parasitic infestation, gastric torsion or serious irritation. For that, first please contact our online veterinarians. Tell us all about your friend, the race, age and attach a photo. It will help you to know what to give to your dog when he has pain in his stomach.

Home remedies for dog constipation

The dogs are prone to have gases if we are not careful with them. Food supply of low quality, little exercise, age, eating hastily, stress, and not resting after each food intake can cause gases. Colic is very annoying; it hurts the abdomen, causing discomfort, pain and apathy. That is why we have to know how to heal his constipation and how to clean his stomach.

To prevent your dog from having gases and to improve his physical condition, the best thing to do is to adopt a healthy routine for him. To begin with, check with our veterinarians that the food you are giving to him is of top quality. If you have incorporated into his diet some human products, be extra careful with beans, they and other products from the orchard can produce swollen belly.

Whenever you turn to natural food, you have to do it following the tips from our online dieticians to make sure that everything you give is easy for him to digest.

How to make my dog poop now

If the stomach is sore because it had been loaded with gases, the first thing you have to do is change his pace of life. In such situations, never go with the easy way such as giving him a home remedy or medicine. If you do this, the gases will end up coming back sooner or later. In the first place, talk to our online veterinarians and dismiss the possibility that he is suffering from gastric torsion, gastroenteritis, ulcer or a parasitic infestation.

Once you've done this, begin to increase the time you spend walking with him. This is important even though your doggie is an old dog. Of course, if he is in great shape and is young, he will walk more, but you have to schedule shorter trips as he gets older. The movement helps the gases to go out and for him to make poop, so it is great to heal the constipation.

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My dog hasn´t pooped in 4 days

In addition to eating well and walking more, there is something that you have to worry about when you go out alongside him: they should not eat anything weird. Many dogs have the habit to eat garbage and even the poop from other dogs. You don't have to react violently if this happens. The doggies explore their environment directing their muzzles to whatever is causing curiosity for them. If you pull the belt with violence, he will not understand what he had done wrong.

For that, you have to do it calmly and using positive reinforcement. On many occasions, we believe that our doggie is constipated, but in reality what is wrong is because he ate something rotten.

My dog can´t poop and is in pain

With all of these precautions, all that is left to know is how to clean the stomach of a dog. To achieve this, arm yourself with chamomile, probiotics, plenty of water and patience. Your dog will take approximately four days to get better. Start with fasting throughout one day, feeding in a progressive manner once 24 hours have passed.

But always give him water so he will not dehydrate. When he eats again, give him probiotics for the improvement of the intestine fauna and take the opportunity to change his diet by employing a feeding of good quality, homemade recipes, and wet food. With varied and rich feeding that is easy to digest, a lot of exercise, sports and walks, and drinking lots of water, you will achieve that he will no longer be constipated. Remember that chamomile, on a warm temperature, also helps the stomach to settle down. But before giving it, ensure that he does not have a disease.

If you need extra help, please do not hesitate to contact our online veterinarians. Depending on his age and his particular situation, they will be able to give you customized advice to heal the constipation as soon as possible.