How to cure a broken nail of a dog or his calcaneus spur


May 27

Posted by Barkibu editors

How to cure my dog's spur? What to do with a broken, twisted, or infected dog nail? If your dog has lost a nail, you might want to know if it regenerates and even why they fall, how to prevent this from happening, and how to cut them off; so keep reading.

A torn nail or a split spur can make blood flow from the dog's leg. The reason is that there is a nerve that reaches half of the nail length. This means that if it is broken by that height, there will be hemorrhage. The first advice we want to give you is to keep calm. Here we will tell you what to do; remember that you have our online veterinarians to make your query on the internet.

Twisted, torn, or split dog claw; what can I do?

The dogs' nails grow and if they are not cut, they can split up, to be totally torn off or to twist their tip because of a blow. The first thing we need to know is how the nails of a dog are inside, which is very different from those of humans. Our nails are formed by keratin, nothing more. The dogs have a nerve inside theirs that reaches almost half the nail.

Many PetLovers do not know this, so when their dogs break the nail or the spur and see all that blood, they do not know what happened, they get nervous, they stress the dog, and they make the situation worse. Depending on the height at which it has been split, one thing or another must be done.

How to heal my dog's spur if it breaks

The spur is the rear-most nail of his paw, and it is the most frequent nail that breaks. If the nail has been broken only by the tip, it will fix itself if we take care of it. Never use kitchen scissors for this task, both for cutting the nails and for filling them; you must use special tools that you can buy in a pet store.

The thing changes if there is blood, because that means that the nerve has been touched. This situation is very tense, that is why we insist on you being calm. This is not a serious case and it has a solution. The first thing you have to do is to clean the area because you have to identify how it is and the part of the nail that is broken. If you have some hydrogen peroxide, you can use it to disinfect the area. To stop the bleeding you can use hemostatic powders, which work great for this.

Do dogs' nails regenerate?

Yes, the dogs' nails grow back. That is why if you see that the piece of split nail is hanging by a very thin thread, you have to give a firm pull to remove it. By doing so, you will prevent him from getting wounded by scratching himself with that. Anyway, if you do not feel safe, if you have never done it, or if you doubt if you will do it right, wrap the area with gauze, prevent him from hitting anything and go straight to the vet.

The performance of the specialist is very important. To cure the spur of the dog or any of his nails, a specific antibiotic treatment is necessary, since it is an open wound with a live nerve, so you have to avoid possible infections and that he licks it.

My dog's nail is infected, what do I do?

It may be the case that the nail of your dog, after curing it at home or after taking it to the vet, gets infected. If you have any doubt, go back to the specialist. You can ask our online veterinarians to solve all your doubts.

Take advantage of this visit to ask him how to prevent these nail breaks. Cutting the nails from dogs cannot be taken lightly. A nail is considered long when it exceeds the pad of his foot, because, when growing, it makes a turn. To cut it, again with specialized material for it, you only have to eliminate the tip, being very careful with the nerve.

In short, if your dog has lost a nail by a blow, he has broken the spur and it bleeds, you have to stay calm, clean the area, and prevent rubbing anything at the wound until you reach your veterinarian because it will hurt very much. If after the cure, he becomes infected in your home, go back to the vet. The best way to prevent this from happening is to cut his nails very carefully. If you have any questions, you know where to find us.