How to get my older dog to accept the new puppy. He hates him!


Jul 30

Posted by Barkibu editors

'Can an adult dog attack a puppy?' Yes. 'Is it normal for my dog to run away from the new puppy that comes home, to ignore him, to be sad, to bite him, to growl at him, and to reject him?' It can also happen. Dogs are not toys; they are very emotional beings, in need of love and affection. They are sometimes insecure and sometimes they hide traumas from an old caregiver.

It is not always easy for a dog (male or female) to accept the new puppies that arrive at your house. There are even some extreme cases where the relationship is totally impossible. In this article, we will explain how to get your dog not to reject the new puppy barking, but it is not something easy to do. The best thing is that you put yourself in contact with our online ethologists to help you in a personalized way.

My older dog is attacking the new puppy!

It is totally normal, according to the situation, that the dog that was first in the home attack the puppy as if they were sworn enemies. The reasons are several, and it is your duty to analyze the reactions of both to understand why it occurs so that it is minimized. Anyway, remember that you are not an expert in canine behavior and that if you do not manage this situation well, they can hurt each other or even you.

First of all, you have to take into account the age of both dogs, the past of your senior dog, and his personality. As the furry ones get older and older, they become the kings of the house, become dependent on your treats, they adapt to a routine, and demand less and less activity. The puppy, however, is pure energy; he still does not know the rules of the house and wants to explore everything. This can cause a clash between the two.

My dog flees from the new puppy, why does he ignore him?

This situation can happen for several reactions which depend on the personality of your hairy. Some dogs react to biting or barking, while others prefer to avoid conflict, giving space to the puppy and moving away. What you have to do is establish yourself the space between them.

Remember that even if the relationship occurs between them, you are the 'alpha', the person who commands in the house and in their day to day. If you impose yourself and both understand that you take the reins, it will be easier to coexist. To achieve this, resort to positive reinforcement; rewards and not to punishments. If what you do is pull the collars, punish and yell at them, you will only make the environment tenser and the conflict will persist.

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My dog is estressed because of the arrival of a puppy

If the reaction of the dog was not aggressive and he reacts with sadness, loses the appetite, the desire to drink and spends half of the day sleeping, it is possible that, instead of having an aggressive reaction against the newcomer, he feels displaced instead. Remember that a happy dog is a healthy dog, so it is important to make sure that he continues to feel part of the family.

To achieve this, it is essential that during the first months you establish a new integrating routine for both of them. Do joint party games but without forcing the approach, establish a schedule and go for a walk with both of them. Try to be fair. Depending on how you see their relation, optimize this routine.

My dog has bitten the new puppy, does he reject him?

Earlier we said that it is better not to force the relationship and the interaction. Sometimes, the puppy's excess of energy can bother the senior dog. If we do not realize in time, this fatal outcome may occur. We must also know that these signs of violence are not always the result of a series of bad interactions.

Many times we do not know, but our hairy has a wound or bruise, something bothers him, and reacts badly if the puppy touches him. Some dogs develop an instinct to possess objects or stuffed animals as if they were their children. If the puppy touches them, the old dog can also get angry.

As you can see, the relationship between a dog and a new puppy is not always easy and that is how you have to understand it. Go little by little, lovingly and knowing that you will always have our online ethologists on your side. Count on us so that your relationship is not hell for you and for them.