How to get rid of fleas in the house fast - Home Remedies


Dec 14

Posted by Barkibu editors

There are ways of getting rid of fleas in dogs in a natural way; there are also some methods to eliminate them at home fast. We will talk about it all today, also of the method that we recommend. We will explain to you how to find the fleas in the body of your dog and identify the symptoms when he is infested with them.

How to remove fleas in dogs is a delicate matter and a million of questions will emerge, remember that you can do all your queries to our online veterinarians. You can take a few photos of your doggie to see if he has fleas or ticks and even to get specialized remedies for him.

How to get rid of fleas on dogs

Before anything, we need to understand how is that a flea behaves. The flea is a creature that loves the body heat, high temperatures and feeding on the blood of your friend. That is why it takes refuge in colonies, in the warmest areas of his anatomy. The problem with the presence of fleas is not only that the loss of blood may cause anemia and other deficiencies; it is that their bite can affect health.

There are dogs that are allergic to a flea bite, causing very annoying skin diseases. They also cause horrible itching and the scratching can make them harm themselves. Don't forget that an open wound can cause an infection. Knowing this, let’s go discover how to find the fleas and how to eradicate them.

Home remedies to get rid of fleas on your dog

To begin with, and no matter how much you read internet articles that say this is possible, doing it 'fast' does not eliminate each and every one of the fleas of the body of your dog. It cannot be done at full speed, nor in a definitive way using homemade techniques. Get used to the idea that these bugs jump a lot. When you find one between his hairs, there will be thirty others hidden in another site. You need specific veterinary products to do it well.

This gets worse if you have rugs, tapestries or hairy carpets at home. If your dog is sleeping in your bed, it is quite possible that they can also leave their larvae there. If he tends to rest on your sofa; twice as much likeness of this to happen there. That is to say, although a home remedy is used and you think you achieved success with it, the larvae should also be eliminated and you'll still have to clean up your whole house until there's not a single one left, otherwise they will return to attack again. If your dog has no flea collar he can also catch them again.

How to get rid of fleas naturally

That being said, one of the most employed remedies is the apple vinegar and lemon. By their acid, they are effective remedies, but they have a fatal problem (in addition to not smelling good): even if you get to dilute this solution and apply it at your dog, work, removing all he has in his body, it is quite possible that one of these fleas that were in his bed end up returning to his body, bite him, and colonize him again.

That is why the best way to erradicate the fleas from your friend, although it takes more time and that make you buy cleaning products in your vet, is with a specific soap. To start you should wash your doggie with a specialized shampoo to eliminate fleas. To choose one brand, we recommend that you leave a query to our online veterinarians indicating their race, weight and age. Accompanied by a photo we will be able to help you better.

How to remove the fleas at home

Use the special soap accompanied by a generous amount of water and rubbing. There specific combs to these cases that will serve to separate each one of its hair in search of these pesky parasites. Repeat the operation again and again. When you take him out of the tub or bath, put a flea collar on him.

The best way to do all this, to make sure that they do not spread, is that you first wash all your bedding and any element of fabric that you have in your home where larvae could be hidden. When you have everything perfect, and then wash your dog properly.

Fleas in dogs attack humans

The normal temperature of a human being is inferior to doggies', and what they like is the warmth. For them, you are somewhat cold, but that does not mean that one of them could decide to bite you. The infestation is more difficult, though. Make all questions you need without compromise.