How to make dog clothes from scratch and out of a sweater


Jul 29

Posted by Barkibu editors

There are puppies that need some clothes for the cold and we cannot always buy them. By reusing and recycling a pair of pants or some fabric that we have at home we can easily make some clothes for them. It is important that it does not bother him and feels good, so, first, you need to make sure he needs it. Not all dogs have to be protected from the cold and we still want to ‘stuff’ them so they look cute, but that's not an excuse.

Besides that, it is a very good idea to choose clothes that do not have seams, so that they will not rub on his skin. That is why in this article we recommend you opt for velcro strips. So, in addition, you can take it off and put it on with lots of comfort. Make a pattern taking its measurements, cut the fabric, stick the velcro and dress him in the new clothes you have created.

How to make DOG CLOTHES from OLD CLOTHES - DIY Super Quick!!

How to make clothes for dogs from old clothes without sewing? It's super easy; it can be done with old clothes and almost anything. In this video, you will see a simple method to make a jersey for him using the sleeve of another jersey.

How to make dog clothes for the cold - DIY Style

The first thing you need to know is that not all dogs are comfortable with something on and not every dog needs it. There are two typical cases in which they enjoy it: when they are already old doggies or when we are talking about tiny dogs. Senior doggies often suffer from bone pain, muscle discomfort, and, in addition, tend to move less. That is why designing a dress that covers the entire spine is an excellent idea.

With the tiny dogs, being so lean, they do not have as much fat or energy reserves in their body to fight the cold. In antiquity, each breed of dog was born ready to adapt to its climate of origin, but over the years, and as they become pets, there are dogs for warm climates living in Alaska, for example.

You will know that your furry needs some clothes because if you have a cold floor and he has to walk around on it, he will tremble, he will look for the radiators or fireplaces, his blankets, and he will resist going out to the street. This is the time to think about doing some clothes.

The best thing is to make clothes for dogs with recycled garments

We know you want your dog to look cute. In that case, you can do two things: spend money on canine fashion or make a piece of clothes yourself. We recommend that you use the money to buy quality food. Doing clothes to your dog at home involves interacting with him, playing at his side, and even knowing him well. __Will he be comfortable with this fabric? __Does it feel good? How does he react?

Stroking him, examining his body in search of lumps, having him on your lap, or making clothes for him are activities that you will share together and that, even if you do not believe it, helps to strengthen the bond between the two of you. If your dog is small, it is best to get an old sweater or pajamas that you no longer wear, and even a pair of pants. Wash it well and get to work.

How to make patterns for dog clothes

The first thing is to take measurements of his body, his neck, his torso, and his contour. With this, you can design a mold or pattern on the chosen fabric. Next, cut the marked pattern. Since we are not going to sew, get yourself a little tube of fabric glue and some Velcro strips. Do not put the glue yet, before placing it do the test with your dog, does it look good? Go ahead; do you think you have taken the wrong measures? Well, start again.

Since you are not going to sew, you will not be able to fix the cuts, so try to make them well and fit at the bottom of the dog, so that it does not show. Once you have it, put it on. Take a moment to check that he is comfortable and that he does not feel strange. After a few minutes, examine his skin, do you see any allergic reaction? It is important that you make sure of this.

It's good that once you've got a good pattern, you'll have it drawn on a piece of paper. That way, you can make as many outfits as you want. To decorate, we recommend you use either fabric paint or patches. Never put pins on him, because you can hurt him on the skin, but do it with thermal patches that stick using the iron, you can give your dog the looks that you like the most.

We hope that you spend a good time with your dog making him beautiful in your own way. Do not fall into fads or nonsense. A dog does not know that he is "looking nice". Clothing for them is something useful to avoid cold. Do not spend money on it; better invest it in food of the highest quality and veterinary assistance.