How to stop a dog from chewing himself


Dec 14

Posted by Barkibu editors

Does your dog bite his legs, until bleeding wounds appear and also pursues his tail? This is one of the signs that your dog may be anxious. The first thing to do is to rule out dermatitis or an allergy, as it can be scratching himself because of them, but then we have to think also about the possibility of him going through an episode of stress.

Anyway, we have to tell that, if your dog bites the rear or front legs until he draws blood from them, the best thing to do is to put a consultation with our online ethologists. Tell them all about his behavior, his customs, race, age and weight so that they can help you.

My dog is biting his legs until they bleed

The first thing we have to is to dismiss a health problem. If he is using his teeth against his body it can be because it is itching a lot. The reason why this may be happening is because of scabies, of an infestation of fleas, dermatitis or allergy.

Scabies is caused by mites. You will identify it because the area has little hair, swollen and he will lose bits of that skin as if they were fish scales. Scabies is spread very easily. In order to prevent it, it is paramount that he eats well and that he is a happy dog. This will reinforce his immune system and make him more resistant to parasites and infections.

It is important that you have a very clean house, especially where he rests and sleeps. Do not let it gather with other animals if you suspect that he might have scabies and bathe him regularly. According to his race and situation, you will be able to do it more or less often. Leave a query to our veterinarians and we will give you the information you need.

My puppy is biting his tail and feet

In any case, do not turn to home remedies to combat scabies, go to a veterinarian. The same applies to flea infestation. In the event that he has then, you will have to take it to be dewormed and reinforce the hygiene of your home. Don't let that he roll in dirty areas you know of.

An allergy or dermatitis cannot be treated at home as well. Remember that if this is the case for your doggie, it is very possible that we caused this by using unsuitable products non-specific for cleaning. The soap for humans is not suitable for the dogs, nor is our toothpaste.

How to avoid that my dog bites his legs

Once we have ruled out all the physical causes it is time to solve the psychological ones. Dogs can suffer, and will suffer, from a great deal of anxiety. Causes are abundant. The main one is that they do not have satisfied all their energy needs. Each breed of dog is a dog, also every half breed too. One needs hours a day for running and jumping, others are more of the type to stay at home resting.

The furry, when they are young, move more or less when they grow up. As their care keepers, we have to fuel them with the exercise they need. If they don't have it, they will be loaded in tension and they will unload it by biting the legs, chasing their tails or walking backward. Sometimes we see our dogs doing this and laugh about it, but we should not. They are going through a time of stress.

It is also not good that they yawn. This sympathetic gesture is sometimes produced on moments where they have anxiety or are not comfortable, which the body is asking for rest. The way to get him to stop biting the legs is to make him get very tired every day to his bed. This will be your indicator to know you are doing alright. If he sleeps well and forgets about the leg, his anxiety will slowly fade away. If you think about it, if it works for us, it works for them.

My dog won't stop biting the frontal legs

Other than that, pay attention to the changes that happened in his life. There are dogs that are so empathetic that they perceive your anxiety or that you are feeling down, something that could affect their own personality. In short: play more with him, take him to run, give him much love and pampering and improve his feeding. The problem of biting the legs because of anxiety is that his immune system will also be affected. Improve his feeding at this moment is a good idea.

Seek aid with our online ethologists so they can provide all the help you need. On Barkibu we count with experts in canine behavior and that will help him to go back to smile once again.