How to tell if your dog is happy or sad with his life?


Jun 25

Posted by Barkibu editors

Happiness is a fundamental health factor for a rescued dog. It is therefore crucial that you know if your dog is happy, if he loves you, and how to make him happy, so that he is never sad. In this article, we will tell you how to know if your dog is depressed or if, on the contrary, he is happy to live and wants to continue having a great time by your side.

Anyway, and taking into account that the good mood of your dog is a way of knowing that he is healthy, we invite you to solve all your doubts about this topic with our ethologists. If you are not sure if he is happy or unhappy and you want to know how to get him to be, ask us. That's what we’re here for.

How to know if my dog loves me and is happy

It will seem simplistic, but if you think that your friend is sad, he possibly is indeed. There is no exact rule to know when a dog is feeling down or not. It is a mistake to consider them all as if they were the same being. Each dog is unique and has his own personality. That is, as you spend time with him, you will know how he behaves, what reactions he has, how his tail wags... And that will help you to know him.

The best advice we can give you is to make an effort to understand him day by day, and to use that information to know if he is sad or happy. That's what we do with friends, right? In any case, it is true that there is a series of behaviors that, in general, are repeated in many doggies. Let’s discuss them.

My dog does not want to eat or sleep, why?

Surely what you usually focus at is typical: if your friend wags the tail sideways, right? But that will not tell you whether he is happy or not at heart. If your dog is going through a depression, if he has some anxiety, or stress, he will stop eating or will eat less. Some stop sleeping because they are nervous.

However, in some cases, they hide and spend long hours asleep, as if lethargic. If this happens to them, they will prefer to stop going for a walk or they will resist, they will take a few steps and they will lie down. All these are symptoms of something that is worrying them, that they are going through a disease that anguishes them, that they miss you, that they feel that they are not loved, etc.

my DOG DOESN´T want to EAT dog food - SOLUTION

Does your dog not want to eat his dog food? Does he refuses to eat? He eats and vomits, and is sad or just drink water? In our video we explain why your dog does not want to eat food and is sad, and a way that will make him enjoy his meals, recover the appetite and regain his health.

My dog doesn't stay near me

Your relationship, his body language, your close and affectionate, is strongly linked to his happiness. A healthy and happy dog seeks you, rubs himself against your legs, wags its tail while jumping around you, rejoices when you return home... And if you watch the TV or is somewhat busy, he turns belly up to ask for attention and petting. In case he is not happy, he will prefer to remain quiet at his leisure.

In addition to generalized apathy, other signs of anxiety, grief, or stress will lie in just the opposite. Some dogs that are having a really bad time take it against their own bodies. Some bite their legs, others rub their faces compulsively against their legs, and some bite the wall until they devour the plaster or aim your furniture. Excessive aggressiveness is also a very bad sign.

Why it is important that your dog is not unhappy

All these symptoms that we have described not only influence his mood, but also his health. Sadness is usually the first sign that a disease is beginning to develop inside him. This can range from a simple cold to a terrible parvovirus, gastric torsion, or distemper. That is why it is important to know what you have to do so that your dog is always happy, because it is a way to also take care of his immune system.

Routine. That is the keyword. Your dog must always be able to predict what will happen next. What time does he go for a walk, when to eat, and when to sleep and rest. That will give him peace of mind. Choose quality food and vary it in a balanced way. Do also something else: spend a lot of time playing with him outside the home. When you walk by his side, leave the phone in your pocket, talk to him, love him, and spend your time, that's what they love.

To finish, spend a little time a day at home to brush his hair, to touch him and check that he has neither lumps nor parasites. If you follow these tips, your dog will be happy. Be always aware of the signs of unhappiness that we have mentioned.