How to tell if your guinea pig is sick or depressed?


Apr 5

Posted by Barkibu editors

How to know if your guinea pig is depressed or sick? The guinea pigs are one of our favorite rodents because they always want to play, are very sociable, affectionate, lovers of freedom, and they love to spend good times by our side. Although they are not as intelligent as cats or dogs, they are very clever and mischievous.

You can educate your guinea pig based on positive reinforcements and repetition of stimuli so that he stops gnawing the TV cable or nibbling the curtains; the guinea pigs are also lovers of following the same routine every day, so you will see that if you repeat the same patterns every day with them, and in one day you try something different, your guinea pig will ask you to continue with the usual.

Of course, you have to lure them a little to get them out of their house, making a fool of them and set them free for some activities.

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How to know if a guinea pig is sick?

They are so affectionate, active, and vivacious that, when they are still, they seem sad or boring, so they make us worry a lot and we think that they may be sick.__ Since we know that many of you have guinea pigs__, we are going to give you a list of the typical symptoms that they might present in case of illness, so that, if we worry, we will do so with reason. Of course, if you have any doubt or question you always have our online veterinarians ready to assist you.

The most common problem that a guinea pig usually presents is the lack of vitamin C. Those who have one at home for are likely to feed them with feeds that they think might have vitamin C for a long time. In many cases, it is true, but not always in the right amount. A guinea pig has to eat vegetables and fresh fruit. A variety that they love and that gives them a lot of vitamin C is red pepper.

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The guinea pig has problems getting vitamin C naturally

It is ideal to give peppers almost daily, as well as other products from the garden so that they do not get bored of taking to their mouths always the same kind of feeding. If you do not do it, they may catch scurvy, which in some cases can cause them a lot of pain. You will know that they have scurvy if at the top of their ears you see desquamation, if their hair falls off in the belly, or they form scales or wounds on their legs.

If you detect it, call us, we will recommend a good diet for your guinea pig, so that it never happens again. Moreover, before increasing the dose of vitamin C to combat it, contact our veterinarians. But why? Because hair loss does not always occur due to scurvy. Alopecia can be caused by fungi, which are contracted by a lack of fiber in their diet.

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Lack of vitamin C causes colds and scurvy

The problem of guinea pigs with vitamin C also causes them to catch many colds. The symptoms they manifest when they catch a cold are similar to those of humans: snot and cough. The solution is to give them rich food in just what they are lacking so much, as well as a lot of love. It is normal for them to be cured if you feed them well but sometimes these colds take longer to heal. If that happens, contact us.

For what we are saying, it seems that we have to stuff our guinea pig with fruits and vegetables so that nothing bad happens to him, but it is not exactly like that. If you discover that his stools are liquid and in a large amount, he is suffering from diarrhea and may become dehydrated. If that happens, stop giving him so many vitamins and switch to hay.

The opposite case may also occur and he can suffer constipation. If you detect that he poops increasingly less, it is a warning that the vegetables he is eating are not completely fresh. Try with lettuce or other similar vegetables.

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Our online veterinarians will explain what the best diet for your guinea pig is

Not all diseases of guinea pigs are related to food, but most of them are. A guinea pig can suffer scabies, and if he has it, you should take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible because it is contagious. If you see that, at night, he scratches, complains, and you notice him more agitated than normal, with wounds on the body or with a lot of discomfort, he may have contracted that disease. If this is the case, do not hesitate a second to have Barkibu help you.

As a last piece of advice; we want to recommend calm. When one has to care for animals as expressive as the guinea pig, and their mood changes suddenly because of a disease, it is very common for us to get upset. Anyway, you see that the most common diseases are due to poor diet, which is corrected with diet adjustments. Scabies is usually spread by mites, so a clean house is a good method of prevention.

To increase your tranquility, you know that you can always count on us; with our advice and professionals to assist you and cure your precious guinea pigs, so that you only have to worry about enjoying their magnificent company.