How to travel long distances with a dog? - Sleeping pills for puppies

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Are you planning to use pills to calm and soothe your dogs to sleep on a long journey? We must be very careful in how we use sedatives in our doggies, and no, you can't use doxylamine nor valium for them to sleep or any pills designed for humans. Sleeping pills can kill a dog. Traveling with a dog can be a very pleasant experience, but if you do decide to make him sleep with drugs not intended for them you can cause irreparable damage to their viscera and their brain.

Although it seems the most convenient solution, both the sedatives pills that serve to reassure them or those that serve for sleep present several problems for their health and their understanding of the world.

Is it advisable to use sleeping pills for dogs on a trip?

When a human takes medicine to relax, he fully understands what is going to happen: he will close his eyes against his will, and will be taken by a plane or car, knowing that he will arrive at his destination because he understands how vehicles work. But this does not apply to dogs.

A dog that takes a sedative will not understand what happens to his body, nor why he is no longer in his home. When the calming effect ends, he can display nervousness, be stressed out, disoriented and even scared, what is tremendously harmful to his health and his mood. It may be that he even start to distrust you. This is why it is not recommended to use pills to soothe the dogs during travels.

What sedative pills for dogs I have to use?

There are two types of tranquilizers for dogs. The ones that affect him the worst are those that do not let him show what they are feeling, it is as if he disconnected the body but not the brain, imagine the chaos that happens inside his mind. These correspond with the group of the phenothiazines. The other is the benzodiazepines, who manage to relax him but have the problem that, in many cases, they end up altering his nervous system, and infuriating them.

As we hope it has become clear to you, that these two types of pills may be harmful to your colleague if they are not prescribed by a veterinarian, so if you want to use them, always go with just one type. Don't use valium or doxylamine for humans in dogs, nor buy online these pills without a specialist recommending them, because they don't do any good. Knowing this, what alternatives we have to travel with our dog in a car and to do with him calm?

How to travel long distance with a dog in a car

The best way to do so is with a comfortable cage adapted to his size. The trick is to make him understand that the cage is a safe place for him. To achieve this, buy it a couple of months before the trip, equip it at your car and prepare a series of games that make him go into it, always leaving the door open.

Doggies really enjoy the games to track or pick up objects, so making them have to look for the object within this house and adopting an attitude of normalcy with the house and him. The key is this: make it look normal in his life The first few days begin with something tasty and rewarding him each time he is in it, and when you understand that he is not afraid, carry the dog inside to give short walks in the car, that become increasingly long. If you do so, he will not be frightened or surprised by spending a lot of time in its interior.

Will sleeping pills kill a dog?

When the day of the traveling arrives, don't go out in the first hours of the morning. Take advantage of this time to go out to play and make him exhausted. Run with him; throw him some balls for him to collect, etc. Your goal is to make him tired, so much so, that he understands that to take a nap in his cage is a good idea.

The doggies are animals of routine, so that if you do this for a while before his usual time of a nap, he'll get to sleep even for more time. Also, you should not feed and give water for him in the previous moments from the departure, so he won't be hungry at the time to leave and he won't puke inside the car.

In summary: Do not use pills to relax the dogs before a trip; it is best to follow these tips that we have given you to make him calm. If you need more advice on this subject, remember that you can put a query to our online veterinarians without compromise.