I can't keep my dog anymore, where can I take him? I need it ASAP


Jul 30

Posted by Barkibu editors

Where can I surrender my dog for free? If you want to get rid of your dog, do the right thing. Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot take care of our dogs. Life gives us a 180º turn and we run out of resources to do so. On other occasions, dogs are given away as if they were toys to people who do not want to share their life with one of them. In either case, you have to know how to react ethically.

The first thing is to understand that a dog is a living being full of love and affection. You should never leave it on a road, leave it tied to a lamppost, or to poison him; yes, although it seems incredible, there are people who do that. In this article, we don't want to judge you, just give you mature solutions for what to do with your furry.

I want get rid of my dog but I feel bad

A dog is an adorable creature that offers selfless love. He gives a lot of company, love, and is considered as another member of the family; we who have dogs know it. That is why many people are looking for a puppy to take care of it. A furry is also an excellent companion for a family with a newborn son, as he teaches them that they have to be responsible with him and take care of him.

Social networks are full of dads and moms who want to introduce a four-legged son into their family, and are very considerate. The first thing you can do is upload some photos to your Instagram or Twitter and ask for help, surely there is someone known who understands that you cannot take care of him at this time and will take care of him for you. Explain the reasons why you find it impossible, add a description, say what vaccines he has and if he needs special care. Surely someone will answer you. Of course, worry about meeting the person, do not leave your pet with just anyone, make sure he likes animals, that it is not a mere whim and that your dog will be in good hands.

The best option: deliver the dog to the kennel

Contact our online veterinarians and ask about the animal protectors in your area. These are shelters with volunteers who work very hard so that the dogs have a chance. Get their phone number, call, and visit them. Their staff is very comprehensive and will understand your situation. Remember that it is no shame to make this decision, what you cannot do is to abandon him.

Of course, we also invite you to leave a donation. These protectors barely have resources and work with what they can. Help them and they will take care of your dog. They usually have several options to give all the love they need: they organize fairs attended by people who want to share their lives with a furry, they have partners who visit the shelter to see them, and some there to rescue one.

I can't have a pet anymore, what do I do?

That is the problem; to consider a dog or cat as a pet, as something that is our property and that has to meet our needs. In Barkibu, we understand the relationship between animal and person as a coexistence of equals. You give love to him and he to you, that is why people who end up living a lifetime with dogs are the ones who rescue them from a protector, not those who buy pets in a shop in an impulsive way.

These are the two best options, always being preferred to go to a shelter. Another alternative you have is to call your friends and ask them if they can welcome him, maybe you can take care of him again after a while.

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Have you ever wondered what would your hairy like for Christmas? We have it clear, if your dog knew how to write, this would be his letter to Santa: A lot of love, good times next to you and a home for those animals that still do not have one.

I need someone to adopt my dog

In conclusion to this article, we want you to reflect: do not buy dogs or give dogs because lives are not paid with money. The decision to take an animal to your home, be it a doggie, a cat, or a fish, it has to be one that starts from a deep commitment of oneself with him. The relationship you are going to start cannot be based on economic exchange, because then you will believe that he can be returned it as if he was pants you can't wear any longer; that's not how things works.

If you really want to live with an animal, go to a protector and adopt one. There you will find many dogs that need a home because they have been abandoned. When you see the one who will become your dog you will feel a crush for him. If you need to abandon your dog, these will be the people who will adopt him and take him to his new home. If they had to leave you, wouldn't you prefer it to be in a place like this instead of in a gutter? Ask us all your questions.