Is my dog dying of old age? Sign, symptoms and process

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What do dogs do when they are going to die? What do they think about? Do they cry? How to know that they are dying and what we have to do as their caregivers? Do they know they are dying?

Today we're going to talk about one of the toughest moments you're going to experience as PetLover. Seeing your colleague go down is the saddest thing for what many of us have had to go through, however, we must be optimistic: he has been able to be by your side all his life, without prematurely leaving you because of an illness.

In this article, we will tell you what dogs do when they are about to die and leave our side, so you know how to react, the appropriate action in these cases, and how to be able to overcome the pain. Of course, count with our online veterinarians to make any questions you want to ask about this topic. We are by your side to help you.

What do dogs think when they die, do they cry?

The life span of a dog usually ranges from ten to thirteen years. In any case, thanks to advances in medicine, to the improvement of health care services, little by little, caregivers learn to take better care of them, so they can live up to fifteen years depending on their race. Enjoying the whole life of a furry and being by his side when he has to go because of natural causes is to be lucky, and we want you to see it that way. Think that many others have left because of parvovirus or because of cancer, that's a real misfortune.

It is important because when dogs are going to die and show the first symptoms, they will continue to think of us. Our feelings and emotions will continue to be important in his heart. That is why you have to try to appear calm even if it is difficult. Come to him without sadness and with much love, so his last moments will be more bearable, calm and happy.

What do dogs do when they are about to die?

Shortly, when the doggies are about to die, it is as if they were extinguished. Some PetLovers believe that their friends are hiding or fleeing from them, but that is not the case, what they need is a quiet, peaceful place and not with too much light. Think that their body is running out of energy, it does not work well, and he needs rest.

The first sign that your dog is already so old and that he has little time left with you is that he will reduce his needs to exercise, and he will do so drastically. Even though he was always very active, he will not want to go out on the street so much, preferring the comfort of home. If it is winter, he will not want to leave even more often. What you have to do, and always with a smile on your face, is to give him a treat and try to walk outside the house. Light and fresh air will come in handy, but never forcing him to do so.

How to know if my dog is about to die?

Another symptom is the loss of appetite. As you know, as the furry grow their food needs change. If he does not have too much time left by your side, and because of the lack of activity, he will want to eat less. He will not be too well, so it is possible that eating food causes some pain or discomfort to him.

The same applies to water; he will reject it in exchange for rest. As we recommend about sports and activity, you have to try making him eat and, especially, to drink. Dehydration can accelerate these last months together. Do it always with love, if you feel sorry for what is about to happen, talk about it with someone you love, take some time alone to put your feelings in order and then return to his side to help him drink.

Try not to show him your sadness. You have to understand that he does not understand death as a bitter process, just as something that is part of the life cycle, just like that. If he sees you sad, he will not understand that it is because of him, you will only be adding stress to him if you look sad.

Do dogs cry before they die? How to know if my dog is dying?

As you see, this moment demands a lot of emotional responsibility, to which we must be prepared. We say it because we hope you are lucky that your friend goes in a calm fashion, but sometimes he can agonize. When we say 'agonize' we refer to 'dying with pain'. In that case, he may vomit, scream, or bark, you may even see tears in his eyes, but they are not of grief as we understand it so.

If your dog is dying, he is very old, and has pain, you have to consult urgently with your veterinarian. The specialist will recommend the appropriate measures to take to alleviate what is happening to him.

Do the dogs know they are going to die?

In short: if your dog is dying of old age, you have to leave aside the grief and try to make him happy. He knows what is happening and needs to do it in peace. The symptom that summarizes them all at this moment is that he is going off. Take care of him and love him until his life goes out. Once he is no longer by your side, call the veterinarian to proceed with the relevant procedures. If he agonizes, the doctor will help him so that his pain does not make him go away in a plaintive way.

Anyway, all these signs that your dog is old and about to die could also be applied to other diseases, only that age is added here. We recommend that you make your query to our online veterinarians to solve any doubt you may have, both regarding his health and the management of your emotions. Cheer up, you are not alone.