Mustard-yellow dog poop, why his poop is orange?

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Yellow poop after eating chicken or rice or after changing his regular food?The perfect poop is brown, consistent, and solid. Your dog has to do it every day and it should not be very dense or very liquid. The irregular appearance of his stools is symptomatic that there is a problem, as is the shape of his vomiting, the color of his gums and mucous membranes, the stiffness of his abdomen, or changes in his mood.

As his caregivers, we have to always be aware of all these factors. The furry ones do not speak to us with words; they do it through these behaviors or habits.

In relation to their excrement, what is revealed to us if their stools are yellow and somewhat soft? If this coloration is maintained for a couple of days, you have to leave a query to our online veterinarians. Here in this article, we are going to give you a few indications to do it correctly, to know what to tell us, and to find out if it is an urgent case or not.

My dog makes yellow poop with mucus around it

Examine his stools, why do they look soft? Is it because they came out with a mustard colored viscous substance that makes them lose their density? That liquid is, in reality, the lubricant that all dogs have in their intestines to facilitate the expulsion of their droppings. Whenever your friend makes his needs, part of that mucus goes with them, but then shouldn't they be yellow all the time?

The truth is that this liquid has to be white; almost transparent. Think of the snot of your nose; when it is healthy it is translucent; it only acquires coloration when you are going through the flu or catarrhal process. The same thing happens to your dog. This color indicates a problem related to his diet, but what?

Your dog may be reacting to a new food that he had eaten

A poor quality diet or the inclusion in it of some unknown food to him can cause this mucus to change color. The reasons could be irritation or even the awakening of allergy. Therefore, the first action you have to take in the presence of yellow poop is to buy quality feed and to remember all you have given for him to eat before; could it be some leftovers from your dinner? Write it down and get in touch with our veterinarians with this information.

If the days go by and his stools do not return to the usual brown that indicates health, we may be talking about something that he had eaten and got stuck. Try to remember a walk you have given together in which you have not paid the full attention he deserves; could it be that he swallowed something suspicious? Going back to the leftovers you gave him; were there a large piece of meat, a bone, or fishbones? Any of these things may be causing irritation.

Yellow stools in combination with diarrhea

If you do not improve his diet, it is possible that this poop appears in the form of diarrhea. This is the last warning that you should stop buying cheap feed, that you should give him delicious things to eat, and that you should also be encouraged to prepare special homemade recipes for him.

Regarding his diet, you have to be especially careful if your dog is a puppy or an elderly dog, because the treatment and symptoms are focused in different ways. It is therefore essential that you always tell us if your furry is an elder or a puppy.

If he is very old, the yellow color can point to an infection. If he is a few months old only, chances are there is a problem in his diet that is usually related to the milk he drinks. Do not hesitate to seek the help of a specialist and learn how to feed him well in these important moments of his development.

These are the most frequent reasons why your dog is pooping yellow. In most cases it is solved by improving what he eats or visiting the veterinarian in case he has an allergy, something stuck, or an irritation; but can it be symptomatic of something serious? It can. In some cases, it may be giardiasis.

If, in addition to being yellow, his stools smell very bad, he may have giardiasis

Giardiasis is a disease caused by parasites. The most common way a dog can become infected with it is by eating something unusual from the street that contains the parasite, such as the stools of another dog. This parasite lodges in his intestines and is the culprit that his poops are yellow. To differentiate this case from the previous ones, smell the poop; do they have a particularly nauseating odor? Are they too soft and have a pale mustard color? Then it can be giardiasis.

Now that you know what you have to look for so that our online veterinarians can diagnose the reason for the yellow color in his stools, make your query.