My cat does not drink water or eat much, he only sleeps, why?

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'Why won´t my cat drink water from her bowl?' If yor cat is not drinking water but eating or if he has stopped drinking water or eating, keep on reading.

Has your cat stopped eating suddenly and does not even drink? In this article we will discuss the causes of why your friend presents symptoms of anorexia, we will also tell you what you have to do in each possible case that these clues lead to. Before continuing, we invite you to put a query to our online veterinarians before you dare to try a home remedy that you have read online, because that can make the situation worse.

Cats are very sensitive animals, so their environment and the changes that occur in it can affect him much more than you imagine. We start by talking about the reasons that are in your hand to change so that he eats again.

Cat not drinking water but eating

How you configure his space? Is it clean? How far is his sandbox or the place where he makes his depositions regarding the place where he eats? Hygiene is a major factor in the life of a feline. Cats do not like to eat near where they have peed, because odors can take away their appetite.

As a caregiver, you have to be aware of his behavior every day, because if he suddenly stops eating, it may be because there is some dirt near his bowl or dust around him.

Make sure he can always eat and drink in a pristine environment. If even after cleaning his surroundings you see that he still does not eats, take his trough and drinker and rub them clean.

Cat looking at water but not drinking

If he still does not open his mouth, it's time to change his diet. Cats like the routine, eat varied but always within an order. If his diet is no longer to his likes or bores him, he will stop being interested in it. Test with homemade or wet recipes, change his feeding and test with one of better quality.

Put his sandbox away from his food tray. Cats do not like to eat near where they have peed, because odors can take away their appetite.

If your cat does not want to eat, check the place where it does it, is it clean?

If all the points we have tried so far are solved, but he still does not drinks or eats, it's time to analyze his behavior. In addition to not eating food, has his behavior changed? Is he meowing more, is him more rude or sad? If a new member has arrived in the family, if there have been changes in his routine or in yours too, or if you now spoil him less often, he may be depressed, which affects his appetite.

To raise the spirits of a cat you will have to regain his confidence and give your love. Many PetLovers detect a change for the worse of their furry ones when they increase their working day, because although the cats seem very independent, they miss you if you are not home.

Why won´t my cat drink water from her bowl?

One way to recover contact is to get his hair brushed at least once every two days. Also, taking care of his mane is another way to prevent him from eating, and why is that? Well because if he has it too long, when licking himself to clean, he may swallow parts of his hair, forming balls in his digestive tract that prevent him from eating.

If this is the case, do not pay attention to home remedies that you can find online, do not give paraffin or fat so that he expel them, look for specific solutions for your case by putting a query to our online veterinarians. If your cat does not eat because it has swallowed hairballs, do not use natural remedies, consult with our veterinarians.

Cat not drinking or urinating?

All these causes are considered 'mild' because they are solved with a change in diet, the rhythm of life and a little more attention. If after trying all the solutions that we have given you, you see that your cat is still not eating or drinking and is spending the day sleeping, it may be an infection or something really serious.

In order to identify if indeed something is happening that has to be treated by a veterinarian, we recommend that you always have a rectal thermometer at home, because this way you can verify with certainty if he has a fever.

Sick cat won´t drink water?

If you lack one, you will have to examine his gums and eyes; do they present an abnormal color? Are they more red, white or yellow than usual? It is highly recommended that you learn his body temperature, the rhythm of his breathing, his pulse, the color of these parts of his body. When you are brushing his hair, get used to doing a little check on a regular basis, so you can get ahead of any problem you may have.

Whether he has a fever or, if after discarding the first causes discussed in this article, he is still not eating, visit your specialist urgently. Anorexia in cats is a serious problem, as well as dehydration and depression, which is why he may be sleeping so much. As a final recommendation, we repeat, do not self-medicate or use home remedies, as they could aggravate his situation and hide the real disease behind this symptom. Go to a veterinarian.