My cat is losing hair on legs, belly and around neck - Home treatment

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If your cat loses strands of his hair, by zones or have bald spots, it is possible that he is being attacked by a parasite, he has a lot of stress, anxiety, or he is passing through an allergy issue. The excessive loss of hair in cats can also occur because of a disease. What there is to do in this case is to determine the cause of the alopecia and treat it.

Many caregivers try to apply home remedies for hair loss in cats, but remember that there are parasites on the skin of your colleague who can get to you, so if you try to apply natural solutions, you will only lose time. It will not tackle the problem once and for all and, perhaps, make you end up suffering a similar itching in the skin that your animal is suffering right now. In addition to the tips we gathered here, remember you can count with our online veterinarians for all queries you need, without compromise.

Why my cat loses lots of hair on his head?

One of the most common causes that your cat is missing the hair in specific areas is because of anxiety. Although the cats seem elusive and solitary animals, they need to feel loved and be motivated continuously. Play with them and use toys so that they can develop their feline instincts.

Stay very close of them if you produce lots of changes in his life, such as the arrival of a dog or another cat, a son, a move or a change of partner. The best way to get your cat to feel comfortable is to prepare for him a routine of meals and games. To be able to anticipate what is going to happen gives him peace of mind.

Because of the stress, cats can bite their legs or lick themselves. Remember that, if they are doing this, it because they have so much accumulated energy and they do not know where to invest it, also because they do it to try to call your attention to play with them. If they lick or scratch in excess, they will weaken their fur and it will fall down. If they are sad or poorly fed, all the same.

My cat loses hair on legs, on belly... Is he alright?

In addition to a problem of personality or behavior, your kitty may be suffering from the attack of a parasite. That a furry have fleas is a more common problem than it seems. Fleas can spread in several ways and it is sufficient that your little friend escapes home for a little while so those fleas of other animals end up in his body.

These bugs will cause great itching. Your cat will try to remove them by scratching and eating them, and his hair will weaken and will fall in specific sites. It is in such bald spots where the flea was or where it remains.

Sometimes, the problem is not a flea, but another unwanted bug such as scabies or ringworm, that will make this itching become so unbearable that, in addition to scratch themselves to strain relief, there will also be injures If you decide to try home remedies at the bald spots, you won't get results. Sure you might end with the itching, but you will not end up with the origin; and don't forget that these parasites are very contagious.

My cat is losing hair in the ears

The other reason why it is more frequent that your cat has serious hair loss is due to an allergy. Be very careful with this issue and react in time. The veterinarian will make the relevant tests to determine which element is doing so much damage, choosing the best treatment for him.

That is to say, do not think that his hair is falling because of one simple alopecia as it happens to us, humans. The fur of a cat is not an aesthetic factor, its fall or absence is always a symptom of a problem that can be both behavioral, from a parasite, an allergy or illness.

My cat is losing a lot of hair and has bald areas, what do I do?

In Barkibu, we have online veterinary specialists in behavioral problems of animals. Our ethologist will be able to determine if there is a problem of stress or other cause. Make your query without commitment and attach photos of your furry friend. That way we will be able to know what happens and we will give you the advice you need.

Remember that good nutrition, a lot of affection, plenty of exercise and lots of consideration, guarantees him a happy life and will also help prevent diseases. Brush his hair will get rid of mites, which is one of the main causes of allergy.