My cat is not popping, what can I do?

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Constipation in cats is a frequent problem if you do not take care of your pet's diet, the water he drinks, their fur, and their exercise habits. These four factors are essential for preventing your cat from spending days without defecating. If you have come to this article looking for solutions for your furry friend's constipation, keep reading if your kitten has only gone one day or a day and a half without evacuating. If two or three days have already gone by, go see your veterinarian now.

How many days can a cat go without pooping in his litter box?

Your furry friend should have bowel movements every day. If you notice that your pet has gone a day without defecating, you should start worrying and take the following measures. If in spite of this your cat does not improve, do not allow your pet to suffer constipation for four days; leave a question for us or go see a specialist. Your cat shouldn’t be that long without pooping.

Never use human laxatives on your kitten. Although you may have read that they can help, what you will eventually achieve is that you will cause kidney or liver failure. Medication for humans are made for humans. Remember that.

My cat doesn’t poop and is very fat but acting normal

Obesity in cats is a problem that must be stopped even if he is acting normal despite all his weight. After being neutered, your pet's body may change and he may gain weight. This change in their metabolism may end up affecting their digestive tract, preventing it from being relieved. The best thing you can do is consult with our online veterinarians to start a diet treatment, and force your pet to exercise and play more.

A bad diet, without fiber and poor in nutrients is never a good idea. If the problem is what your pet eats, you will see that their feces, the little that comes out, are dry and do not have a good color. We will keep repeating it because it is important: get used to look at the color and solidity of your pet's poop, it is for their own good.

Another reason your pet is constipated is because he does not drink or does not drink the right amount. This problem is common in pet owners who spend little time at home. Even if the cats are very independent and they manage well alone, we can never neglect them, we have to leave them a bowl of fresh water at their fingertips, making sure that we fill it up when it is empty, and that we clean it when emptying and cleaning it regularly.

How to make a cat poop when constipated?

A change in diet, a full bowl of water, and playing games and getting daily exercise are usually the most common remedies to prevent your cat from getting constipated, but you also have to do something else regularly.

Your cat may have an exemplary diet but swallow something that blocks his colon. The most frequent thing is that this 'something' is a huge hairball produced by the cat. The way to prevent this from happening is to sit down with your cat daily to brush his hair. Take this time to pamper your pet, to strengthen your bond and to examine that his body temperature is correct. Remember that if your cat's body temperature is more than 102 º F, that he has a fever.

Home remedies for constipation in cats

As we said, never use human laxatives. Before taking this measure, change your cat's diet and put in a question to one of our online veterinarians. Anyway, there is something you can give your cat to try to get him to poop in the litter box: a teaspoon of olive oil, but do this only on the day that you discover your cat's constipation, do not use it as medicine.

Symptoms that your cat is constipated and you have to go urgently to the vet

Your cat's constipation is not always because of his diet or lack of exercise. Your cat may have developed a phobia of the litter box, or this may be a symptom of a more serious problem. If, for whatever reason you have not noticed if your pet has been pooping every day, observe their behavior to know if the problem is serious or if it has just started.

If your cat's constipation is a serious problem, his personality will change and he will become more obstreperous and stubborn. It is also possible that he leaves aside his hygiene habits, that constipation is combined with vomiting, with some blood, and even with pain in the abdomen and severe weight loss. All these symptoms will reveal to you that your pet's inability to poop is not occasional, and that it is a symptom of something worse. If this is the case, consult one of our specialists right away.