My cat suddenly loses balance when walking and falls, what can I do?


May 3

Posted by Barkibu editors

Does your cat wobble when walking? Does he lose his balance on his hind legs as if he has a weakness? If your cat's legs wobble, he crawls, and cannot walk, we'll give you a series of tips and recommendations about what you have to do.

Everything you will read here is general advice, if you prefer to receive a personalized consultation, contact our online veterinarians.

Sudden loss of balance in cats

Cats are creatures with an excellent sense of balance but, sometimes, this can fail. This is what we know as ataxia, a disorder that can originate for many reasons that we are going to review today, but do not get upset, the two most common are not worrisome and have an easy solution.

The most frequent reason why your cat cannot walk well is that there has been a stroke. A strong trauma may have disoriented him, as it would happen with a person. The way to act in this case is to visit a veterinarian urgently, as it can have internal damages. In most cases, he will recover mobility with rest and affection, but the help of a specialist will help you rule out problems derived from the impact.

Cat suddenly losing balance and falling

If you are absolutely sure that there has not been a bump and this weakness is extended in time, maybe the culprit is his food. Cheap supermarket feed does not always have the iron, vitamins, and all the proteins he needs to make him healthy.

Sometimes, many PetLovers are not aware that a cat's eating habits change according to his age and weight, which condemns him not to have the nutrients he needs in each of his life stages.

The first treatment for ataxia in cats is to improve their diet

Contact our online veterinarians to find out what diet your furry needs to receive and in what quantity. Doing so will also let you know if your cat's inability to walk is not due to other reasons.

Leaving aside that he has received a blow or that he does not eat well, your furry can be suffering an infection in the ear, having damaged the balance control center. Otitis is common in cats and is usually caused when their immune system is low and they live in a dirty environment with mites.

These parasites are one of the main causes of this type of infections. If it extends from the outer ear to become internal otitis, he will suffer dizziness and the symptoms of ataxia. You will know that it is a possibility when you bring your nose to his ear; it will smell bad. He will also shake and try to scratch it, he will lose the hearing, and will change his mood.

The best way to avoid this to happen is to feed him well and to have the house unpolluted. Anyway, otitis can also be caused by the insertion of a foreign body in his auditory cavity; be very careful if you have children because, while playing with him, they can try to put a pencil or one of their toys inside his ears.

My cat crawls and cannot walk, is it serious?

If we rule out otitis, trauma, or feeding, it is possible that it is a problem originating in the nerves; the marrow, the ear, or the vestibular system. Your furry has three things in charge of moving and coordinating his body: the cerebellum, the sensory system, and the vestibular system.

The first one, lodged in the brain, helps him to make all his precise movements, giving the orders to his muscles and these are executed so that, if he jumps, he lands appropriately. If the cerebellum is damaged, these movements will be erratic.

Cat stumbling and disoriented? It may be ataxia

The vestibular system allows him to walk well, to maintain his posture, and move in the way that a cat does. The diseases associated with it are usually related to the ear.

Finally, the sensorial system involves the marrow and the nerves. If they fail, he will not be able to orient himself well, to understand where he is, and, therefore, to tell his body where he wants to move.

This type of problems can accompany him from birth or can be triggered by a blow. The only way to solve and treat it is to have a veterinarian working in the case. What the specialist will do is to run tests to discover what is damaged and proceed to determine the best way to treat it.

In addition to these problems, ataxia can also occur due to muscle, bone or joint problem that gets worse with time. Count on our online veterinarians to get rid of your doubts.