My cat's breath smells like fish, rotten meat and even poop


Apr 22

Posted by Barkibu editors

Does your cat´s breath smells like cat food? Bad breath in cats, whether they are kitten or adults, can be a symptom of a disease in their viscera or a dental hygiene problem. Anyway, there are many novice PetLovers that smell the mouth of newborns and detect bad breath.

You have to know how to differentiate when he has rotten breath and when it is his normal smell. Do not forget that, if we do not clean his teeth every day, they will smell like his food.

In this article, we will tell you the most common reasons why bad breath occurs in cats. We will tell you what the home remedies for this are and how to clean the teeth of those cats that live with you. Since we talk about this topic, we remind you never to use toothpaste for humans. The reason is that the fluoride is lethal for both cats and dogs.

My cat breath smells like fish or rotten cat food

As we told you at the beginning of the article, a kitten or an adult cat's mouth will always smell a bit of food. When the days pass, you will get used to recognizing the difference between the normal smell of his breath and the smell of rotten fish, which is a problem.

The reasons for authentic halitosis are due, mainly, to two factors: bad diet and poor dental hygiene. It is common that many PetLovers neglect the oral health of their furry, either by laziness or by pure ignorance, but the ideal is to be able to clean them every two days. By doing so, you will prevent him from having an infection in his mouth that can spread through his bloodstream, as well as having bad breath or tooth decay.

How to clean a cat's teeth?

If the cat whose bad breath worries you is a kitten, you're in luck; this is the best age to start cleaning his teeth. If he gets used to this routine, he will not complain so much when he is an adult and it will be easier for you. In case the rotten fish breath problem occurs in adults and you have never cleaned his teeth, it will be more complicated, obviously.

If you are in this situation, you will have to approach his mouth and interact with him progressively. The first thing you have to do is impregnate your finger with something tasty he likes and rub his teeth with it. When he gets used to this, it's when you have to start cleaning. In case you do not get there, contact our online veterinarians, they can recommend, depending on the behavior and age of your cat, some liquid to make them clean without brushing.

Home remedies for bad breath in cats

With a special brush and fluoride-free toothpaste created for cats, brush them very gently, because the teeth are not like ours. Reward him with caresses, cuddling, and congratulations. If he does not have problems with obesity, you can also give him something tasty for behaving so well.

Many PetLovers that have the bad breath problem with their cats change the wet canned recipes for dry feed. It is best to combine both feeds, only increasing the portion of the last. It is quite easy to see why. For having liquid, it is more common for the ingredients of his food to stick to his mouth, favoring the appearance of the germs that cause the bad smell.

The dry feed, in addition, helps to scrub away the possible plaque that causes tartar and that may have adhered to his gums, generating that unpleasant smell of rotten fish.

My cat has bad breath and slobber, is he alright?

Anyway, everything we have told you so far refers to healthy cats without diseases, whose problem is poor dental hygiene or a wrong perception of what his normal breath really is. The problem is that this nauseating smell can be a symptom of a disease that has its origin in his gastric system and even in his liver.

This is the reason why you have to consult our online veterinarians to see if it is a serious case. If so, we will recommend you to a specialist in the area. Tell us if you clean his teeth correctly and how; also if he has tartar or if you noticed any pathology in his teeth. This will help the veterinarians to understand if it is a serious problem so that you go seek emergency local aid.