My dog doesn't bark anymore. How to make my dog bark?


Jun 28

Posted by Barkibu editors

Dogs are sensitive animals and they need love; they are not a toy. It is important to get rid of the thought/idea of wanting to imitate movie situations in which an owner asks his dog to bark or attack and he does so. Dogs are not tools to be used like that. Dogs that are trained for self-defense, army, or police services are trained by expert canine ethologists and trainers.

If your dog barks little or gives you the feeling that he does not bark at all, do not try to manipulate him to do so. It would be similar to wanting to overexcite a baby to cry, which would only cause stress, anxiety, and discomfort. Dogs use barking as another way to communicate and will only resort to it if they need it. In this article, we will talk about the barking, but do not forget that you can count with our online ethologists to make all your queries.

Why my dog does not bark at strangers?

Humans tend to 'reify' animals, but dogs are not all the same, not all behave in the same way, and they are not objects that must fulfill our desires. Not all dogs bark at strangers, not all of them get excited over huge bones, and not all of them bury those bones in the sand after stealing them from the kitchen.

Depending on his personality, a dog will do so with more or less intensity, he will be more or less calm, and he will be prone to be more or less restless. It is true that there are breeds that, because of evolutionary issues, are more prone to protection than others; they are territorial to a different degree. For example, the German shepherd or the Staffordshire terrier tend to bark more if someone invades family intimacy.

But even if you have decided to adopt a dog whose breed has a reputation for being a barker and guardian, it may not do so that much, because every furry one is a world; they have their own personality, they are not things, and we have to love them that way.

My dog does not bark, it just cries, why?

So much so that some furry prefer to bark by sobbing, giving out small screams, snorts, and other body expressions such as turning on himself, staring at you, or scratching. All this behavior depends on his education.

When we talk about adopted dogs, many of them have suffered abuse, excess of jolts, blows, and did you know that some bastards try to remove their vocal cords too? That's right, there are people who are dedicated to performing these operations, so it is possible that your dog has suffered this terrible intervention.

Other bad caregivers abuse pulling on the leash every time they hear their dog barking; that does a lot of damage to their necks, which, in the long run, makes it impossible for them to bark with energy. In other cases, some dogs receive blows on the body when they bark. If you have adopted a doggie in these conditions, the most normal thing is that he does not bark and that he takes a long time to do it again.

My old dog no longer barks, is that okay?

As with human babies, strong crying is a symptom of good health. A healthy dog will bark when needed; one who is sad, however, or one who has suffered the injuries we have indicated, or one who is very old will not do so, as he will not have the energy to complain or express himself. And here comes the problem: if your dog did bark before and has stopped doing it suddenly, he may be sad, anxious, or suffering from stress.

As we said at the beginning of the article,__ dogs are emotional beings__. If you do not pay attention to them, they stay alone for a long time and do not feel loved; they may end up producing episodes of great tension. Some animals express this by scratching, biting or even biting the walls of your house. Others stop barking, they change their rules of behavior, and, yes, they can stop barking for good.

If your dog is very old or tired and expresses so bad, you have to change the way you act with him, improve your relationship, and spend more time playing with him. Our online ethologists can help you with this.

My dog ran out of voice and does not bark; he coughs

As we have said before, if your dog suffers injuries from the leash, from jolting, he can hurt his throat, which affects his vocal cords and he will not bark with energy. If he has had an illness, such as parvovirus, that makes him vomit a lot, he will not bark vigorously either. In summary: if he used to bark and now he does not, it is for a psychological or physical cause that the veterinarian has to determine, but never try tricks or follow a tutorial so that he barks more or be more aggressive.