My dog is always scratching but doesn´t have fleas - How to stop the biting


Nov 14

Posted by Barkibu editors

If your dog scratches a lot and even bites itself it is a sign that something is not right. Dogs do not scratch the legs or lose hair because of fleas or scabies; there are other reasons that have this behavior without a visible parasite or disease.

This article will help you to learn about the common causes why a dog scratches or bite itself without something that is evident to the naked eye. Anyway, to know why it has this behavior for sure, the best thing to do is to leave a question to our online veterinarians indicating race, age and symptoms it has, which we'll discuss below.

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My dog scratches a lot and loses hair

Although scabies, fleas or ticks in the first thing to think about when you see your dog scratching a lot and losing its hair, what is certain is that the usually more common cause that we are dealing with is dermatitis caused by an allergy. There are many caregivers who believe that allergies in dogs can only occur in the spring, but we also have to wrestle with the seasonal ones.

Allergies can also be because of food; like the ones we, humans, have. We have to be very careful about how we feed our dogs, also when we change its diet. In Barkibu we always recommend that you contact our online veterinarians to find out which is the best diet for your friend, especially if it is going through a disease.

My dog is wounded by scratching

To prevent allergies that will generate problems in the skin and that take your dog to scratch, always choose quality meals and combine them with natural food. To have the proper skin care, you will need to make sure that it drinks well.

To improve its hydration we recommend you to add a little of broth in its meals and eat moist recipes. Whenever you change something in its diet, do it little by little and never abruptly, so you'll know if something has caused a food allergy.

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My dog has dandruff and scratches a lot

Another reason why your dog may be scratching too much despite the fact that it seems that it has nothing is an excess of baths it had. Many novice caregivers tend to wash their doggies too much or to do it with soaps that are not specific for their skin. Don't even think about bathing your furry every day or you'll end up compromising it, with itches and scratches all the time.

The idea is to bathe your dog every month or every couple of weeks, but never on a daily basis. Anyway, it all depends on its skin type, how you bathe it or even how is its lifestyle. Stay with this reference for their habits of hygiene but, again, if you want to get more accurate information for your buddy, please contact our veterinarians.

My dog scratches and bites itself a lot because of anxiety

In addition to scabies, parasites, an allergy, or by an excess of bathrooms, the other most common reason of this compulsive scratching is anxiety. Our veterinarians have seen cases of dogs that have left their skin in living flesh or have made holes in the skin because of the bites.

Mi perro se rasca mucho

Si tu perro se rasca desesperadamente es importante que sepas que puede ser debido a diferentes causas, de origen externo o interno. A continuación os explicamos las más comunes, aunque se recomienda siempre la supervisión de un veterinario.

By anxiety or stress, a dog can start nailing its legs to draw attention to it or as a way to relieve the energy that it has accumulated. Remember that if a dog is in this psychological state, you're the guilty, not him.

A dog has anxiety because it understands that is not receiving much attention, because it spends too much time alone or because something has occurred in its daily routine that has left him down.

This can be because of a moving, the birth of a child or the arrival of a new furry to the house. Your duty is to feed it well and allow it to play at your side, make sure it receives all your affection and that it doesn't spend much time alone, so it will heal, little by little, of this anxiety.

My dog scratches a lot and rips its hair off

In summary, the first thing you need to do is to consult with a veterinarian and discard scabies or parasites. Once you have done this, check if it has seasonal allergies or food. If it is not this and you think that it has nothing, those biting, hair loss and the scratching might be a result of psychological reasons. Ask our online veterinarians for more information.