My dog is depressed, lethargic and doesn't eat, what's wrong?


Jun 25

Posted by Barkibu editors

If your dog sleeps a lot, doesn't want to eat and is sad, this is not a good sign, but do not be alarmed. We analyze each of these three factors so that you can treat them, since one usually provokes the other. If your dog has been in this state for only a few days, you should follow this article's advice. However, if your dog has been depressed for a week and barely eats, ask our online veterinarians at Barkibu a question.

My dog doesn't want to eat and is very skinny

This is a frequent problem addressed by our veterinary specialists. Many times, when your dog does not eat, it is because of the simple reason that he does not like the food you give him. Many Pet Lovers don't know any better, and give their furry friends cheap supermarket food. Dogs have taste buds, enjoy rich and tasty food, and reject food that does not taste good.

If your dog doesn't want to eat the food you give him, try to offer him wet food because it is much tastier. When you go back to feeding dry food to your pet, choose good quality food. You can ask our veterinarians what is best for your pet, and also find out if your pet needs a special diet to regain weight. Sometimes, it works to clean your dog's nose because, he is simply not able to perceive the smell of food, and therefore does not have an appetite.

My dog doesn't eat food or drink and vomits

Besides not eating a lot, does your pet vomit everything he swallows? This may be a sign of gastroenteritis, an infection or your pet may have parasites. Check your dog’s stools, do they contain blood? In this case, urgently contact a veterinarian. If the feces do not contain blood, ask our online veterinarians a question. We will recommend a diet and we will refer you to a veterinarian in your city to help with your pet's recovery.

My dog doesn't want to eat and is down, what should I do?

If you have given your pet a better and tastier meal, your pet does not have blood in his feces, and you have been able to rule out any kind of illness, your dog may be depressed. Anyway, before determining this, you must know that your furry friend may have decided to stop eating just to get your attention.

We have discussed it many times in Barkibu. Dogs do not handle changes in their routine well. They are like us: they do not accept that their daily routine changes for the worse. If you have changed your work schedule and now pay less attention to your dog, if you are sad, if someone who lived with your pet has left, or if you no longer play with your pet as much as you used to, your pet may stop eating to get your attention.

So take that as a warning: your furry friend needs you. In some cases, your dog may not only have stopped eating to get your attention, but may really be depressed. The way to solve this is doing exactly what your pet demands: enjoy their company, pamper your pet lots, give him the food he likes, and make room for him in your life.

How many hours does a dog sleep in a 24 hour period?

New Pet Lovers ask us this a lot. If a dog sleeps all the time, this is not good, and can be symptomatic of a disease, but what does it mean for a dog to sleep so much all of a sudden? Although it is said that cats spend half of their lives sleeping, the truth is that the same could be said about dogs. A puppy can sleep about seventeen hours a day and an adult up to fourteen hours, but never in a 24 hour period.

The problem is not that your dog sleeps too much, it is that when he is awake, he is not active, looks sad and depressed, and doesn't want to do anything, not even eat or drink. If, when your dog wakes up, he goes back to sleep and spends more time than he should there, your pet may have hyperthyroidism.

My dog sleeps a lot, does this mean that my dog is sick?

If your pet does not want to eat even if you give him a tastier meal and, he is very sad despite having no reason to be, he may have some kind of kidney disease, digestive disease or something worse. In this case, check if your pet has a fever or if he has lost a considerable amount of weight.

If all three of these factors are displayed in your dog, this is cause for concern. These symptoms don't always translate into a serious illness, do not worry ahead of time, but prevention is better than curing. Ask us what you want to know and leave any comments.