My dog is dog unable to concentrate urine and drinks a lot of water

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Does your dog piss a lot and it is transparent? Does he suddenly urinate a lot, drink a lot of water, and he never did that before? In this article, we are going to tell you the reasons why your friend seems to have suddenly lost control of his bladder. Remember that you can count with our online veterinarians to be able to make a personalized consultation depending on his weight and age.

That a dog makes a lot of pee can be due to his mood or illness. It may also depend on how old he is. In this article, we will cover the most common cases, but if you have any questions, trust our specialists.

My dog urinates a lot, the pee is transparent, and he is 7 months old

When dogs are not neutered and are puppies they tend to pee everywhere. There are several explanations of why they do it. The main reason is that they usually pee to mark their territory and define it as their own, but not only for this. The young doggies have just arrived in a new world full of emotions and giant humans, so they can pee out of pure excitement.

If he is afraid, if he is deeply sad, or if he is happy, he can pee suddenly, which means from a few droplets to a whole stream of urine. Do not be too hard on him; remember that he is learning to understand what is happening around him.

What are the causes of dogs urinating transparent urine?

The color of the dog's urine is important to determine what happens to him. The most common case in which your dog pees a lot and in transparent color is because he drinks more than normal. If the color of his pee is yellowish, it means that it is very concentrated, so the bacteria are more present. The more water he drinks, the more transparent his urination will be because he will have more water to pour in relation to the deposits that he has to expel.

And why does my dog drinks much more than before? This often happens if your dog's diet has too much sodium. If you feed him a lot of pre-cooked human food or chips, for example, this will mean unnecessary intake of salt for his body, which will make him drink more and piss accordingly, and even cause crystals to appear in his urine Check also the feed and the natural food that you give him, as well as wet recipes. Always choose foods with little salt so he needs less water and pees less.

Abundant and transparent urine in dogs due to disease

If your dog pisses a lot you are probably thinking that he may have a urinary tract infection. The normal thing is that, in the case of cystitis, his pee is not transparent at all. If it is serious, you may even find some blood in it. Anyway, do not rule out this possibility when you make your query to our online veterinarians.

The combination of a large sudden increase in urine and that it is transparent in color, is usually associated with some type of diabetes. This disease prevents him from properly managing his sugar levels, so they will be excessively high.

The most common symptoms of diabetes in dogs are, precisely, the increase in thirst in the dog and that makes him pee much more. In addition to these two signs, he will also sleep more and move near the floor as if he was tired; he may also lose weight at a high speed even if he keeps eating.

Diabetes in dogs, are there natural treatments?

Diabetes in dogs should not be treated with natural treatments, home remedies, or trying to find oral treatments. The only thing that can be done is to take him to the specialist. Our online veterinarians will tell you which the perfect clinic is for him that is an expert in diabetes cases. They will diagnose him and prescribe the necessary dose according to his weight and age. Insulin is given through an injection.

Instead of diabetes, your dog may be suffering from some kind of kidney problem, including leishmaniasis; so discovering that your dog is urinating too much and drinking too much water has to be treated as a serious symptom of a possible illness. Check all his food very well, check that his weight has not dropped too much, and also check his mood. Tell all this to your veterinarian to facilitate the diagnosis.

Remember that if you confirm that your dog has diabetes you should never try to administer homemade natural remedies; it will only make his delicate state of health get even worse.