My dog is trying to vomit but nothing comes out - What to do


Dec 14

Posted by Barkibu editors

Does your dog seem as if he wants to vomit but nothing comes out? Does it have nausea but no vomiting and only spits out a bit of saliva? If your dog does as if he was stuck, you have to know how to react, as there are diseases associated with this symptom and if it comes to a serious case or not that much.

Generally, we recommend that you treat this situation as if it was an emergency. In this article we will explain to you the most common causes he wants to vomit and cannot, but it is recommended that you visit the specialist with urgency.

My dog is trying to throw up but can't

The first thing which you have to worry about, if your dog wants to vomit but cannot, we should see if he is suffering from a gastric torsion. This disease requires your immediate intervention, as this may cause the death of your partner in a few days. We may be talking about a gastric torsion when he has been full after eating a lot, then made severe exercise and, when stopping, he neither eats nor drinks and it seems that only wants to vomit, but without success.

What has happened is that his stomach has dilated and then twisted in on itself. This causes a massive ingestion of oxygen by eating quickly followed by an explosive activity of the body. The problem is that he will not be able to swallow or vomit and that will end up killing him if you don't do anything to remedy it.

Gastric torsion is manifested by these symptoms and by a 'hard to touch' stomach. Anyway, whenever you see this weird chain of events, take him quickly to the veterinarian. To prevent this from happening you have to accustom him to eat little by little and to respect the breaks after each meal.

My dog keeps acting like she is going to throw up

In addition to the case of the gastric torsion, it is possible that your dog is not trying to vomit, but really trying to move the muscles of his throat to spit something that has stuck in it. You have to have a quick reaction to this and know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver to your doggie.

If it is a small-breed puppy, take it in the air by the rear legs and shake gently, that will help him. If cannot do it, surround his waist with your arms and push forward. As a last resort, give it some strikes in the back to help him spit. Resort to these methods if your doggie is calm, if not, do not waste your time and go see your veterinarian to remove it.

To prevent this from happening you have to be very careful with what he takes to his mouth. For him to learn, be firm when he wants something to eat in the street, tell him not to in a clear and harsh way and award him with something tasty instead or with some petting. Thus, little by little, he will understand that it makes you happy to not do so and he shall cease in his endeavor.

Why does my dog act like he's going to throw up

There are dogs that inherit poop eating trends due to see how their mom will eat the poop in their environment to clean their cribs, so you have to have patience and correct this behavior little by little. We know that saying is easier than to do it, that is why we invite you to contact our ethologist to teach you how to correct this attitude.

In the event that it is not a gastric torsion and he does not have something stuck, it may be that what he has is an irritation in his throat. Your dog will think that clearing the throat will ease the pain, but it will only end up getting worse. He can also have some small wound in his stomach for having eaten something that he should not have and that caused him to retch.

To stay calmer, please contact our online veterinarians. We are happy to give you tips for your dog to cease to have that behavior, evaluating what may be occurring.

When you take your dog to the vet, in the first place he will discard a possible gastric torsion. After that, he will see if that is nothing in his windpipe or any irritation. He will Examine and assess whether these retches may be due to another type of disease, whether from the stomach or with another focus. Leave with us all your questions without commitment, but in spite of the possibility of torsion, we recommend you to visit your vet urgently in order to perform a possible intervention.