My dog is vomiting a yellow foam and is not eating


Jul 2

Posted by Barkibu editors

Your dog vomiting is never a good sign. When a Pet Lover ask that their puppy is throwing up a yellow slime, they usually refer to foam of that color, or a very unpleasant bubble bump that regurgitates especially in the mornings. When we talk about this substance, we must know how to differentiate white foam from yellow.

The former usually indicates the existence of a disease that requires urgent healthcare, in the case of the yellow one, it depends on the particular situation of each animal.

Why is my dog throwing up yellow mucus and not eating?

What looks like an accumulation of saliva comes from the liver. In fact, it is nothing more than what your dog uses to digest fats and assimilate food. Think of this yellow foam as an acid that transforms what your pet eats into the nutrients that his body needs.

The reason your dog vomits it is because traces of it have remained in his belly. If there is no food in the dog's stomach for the substance to act on, it is expelled via vomit. This case occurs a lot in pet owners who do not spend much time at home with their furry friends, who leave the bowl full of food in the morning and come back at night.

Their dogs swallow everything they have in front of them in one sitting, they digest it and they spend the rest of the day without eating anything. Their stomachs are emptied, that yellow liquid called bile accumulates in them, and it has nothing to work with, so they suffer a reflux and vomit it. This is the reason why it is normal for your dog to throw up a little bit of this in the morning if their last meal was at 18:00 the day before.

My DOG STOMACH is making NOISES and GROWS loudly

If your dog's guts make lot of very strong noises, if he has diarrhea, he does not want to eat or the bowel sounds are very strong, we tell you what to do in the next video. In Barkibu we have online veterinarians which are specialists in nutrition.

If your dog is vomiting yellow foam, he is warning you that you have to improve their meal schedule.

If it is the first time your pet does it or it starts to be a habit, always around the same time, change your pet's meal routine. Instead of giving him a lot of food, serve the food in several portions throughout the day. It is best to get in touch with our online veterinarians, because depending on the weight of your furry friend, we will tell you how to portion his food well.

But what happens if you do this and your pet continues to vomit yellow foam? The next thing you have to do is change your pet's food and give him higher quality food. It is crazy how many cases of people who come to veterinary clinics are solved by improving your dogs' food. Do you know the saying “we are what we eat'? Well, it's the same for them, if you love them, feed them tasty things, natural recipes, and some wet diet, which they love because they are very tasty.

If in spite of improving your pet's meal routine and the quality of their food, your pet continues to vomit, then yes, you have to worry because it may be serious or your pet may have heartburn, especially if he does not eat.

My dog vomits yellow foam and is not eating, what can I do?

If your furry friend has these two symptoms and you also notice that he is more down than usual, you have to consult your veterinarian. That bile comes from your pet's gastric system, so if it is not an innocent acid reflux it can be a symptom of liver or pancreas problems. If this is it, that yellow tone can also be seen in your pet's eye sockets, which also happens to a human with hepatitis.

In some cases, the presence of parasites associated with this vomit has been detected. It may also be due to the side effects caused by a vaccine that has made your pet sick. The problem with not eating or drinking is that your pet gets dehydrated. Dogs are very sensitive and fragile creatures, so you have to be very careful that this does not happen to them for their well-being.

But, this yellow vomit is not always related to a disease or a severe problem, sometimes, simply, your dog has eaten something that he should not: a sock, one of your child's Nintendo 3DS video games, or grass from the street. Depending on the size of the ingested object, an intervention may be necessary.

In short, if your dog vomits yellow bile, you will have to re-plan your pet's diet and improve his food. If doing this does not improve your pet's condition, ask our online vets a question to make sure that nothing serious is happening to your dog.