My dog poops 6 times a day and his stool is very soft, why?


Mar 13

Posted by Barkibu editors

How many times a day should a puppy poop? Which are the best food for less poop? The number of times that our dog defecates throughout the day, the color of his stools and their consistency are symptoms of his state of health, of how the food that we give him goes down, and if he needs more water, help or change his diet.

The doggies cannot speak to us, that is why it is vital that we are able to interpret their behavior, attitudes, and, of course, how they process the food they eat.

In terms of his feeding, you can count on our online veterinarians to give you more detailed information on the diet that your friend needs. If your dog or puppy defecates too many times a day there is a disjunction between what he eats and what he needs. Knowing your age, weight, and race, we will be able to give you a guide for his stools to become normal depending on what he eats.

How many times does a dog poop and pee a day?

What we bring you in this article is a series of indications or general notes about the pace of normal bowel movements of a dog. We hope to help you clarify your doubts. In the case of a puppy, it is normal that he feels the need to do his needs half an hour after eating.

If your doggie has not completed more than one year, do not give to eat more than two times a day. In terms of the amount, it is true that the recommendations that come in the packaging tend to be suitable, but only take them as a bit of advice. The ideal is to worry about the weight your puppy has, if you see that it is getting fatter, reduces the amount that you serve. If he poops more times a day that the corresponding per serving he eats, you're overfeeding him.

At the youngest moments of his life, he will not be able to hold and will go pooping more often, but when he becomes an adult he will need to go less often. The reason for this is obvious: there is no need to eat as much as when it is when you are a puppy, which affects the pace of his bowel movements.

My dog shits a lot and very soft, what happens?

Although as an adult dog he has the ability to endure longer without a bowel movement, it is normal to all, at any age, need only to make poop twice a day: Once in the morning and once in the evening or late. Healthy feces of dogs are soft, have a good degree of solidity and are easy to clean.

Knowing this, why does my dog poops a lot and especially soft? Because, as we said before, you are giving more feeding than he needs, what is noted when his body has to expel more poop and these are of lesser quality. Not being firm is another clue that you're not managing his diet well.

But the problem that the feces are abundant, of great size, very loose or expelled vigorously does not always have as a solution to feed the animal less. Many times, the issue is in the quality of feed, the croquettes or recipes that you give him. As a general rule, food for dogs considered to be premium require less food intake to be satisfied, they go down better, it quenches more with less quantity and, therefore, helps them to return to normal defecation.

My dog has diarrhea, what can I do?

Do not confuse a case of diarrhea with an excess of stools per day. If your friend poops liquid, he may be having an intestinal problem that can be from mild indigestion to a gastric torsion or parasites. If there is blood in his stools or remains of worms, you will have more clues to make a diagnosis. If what he is ejecting too much throughout the day is in the form of diarrhea, please get in touch urgently with a veterinarian.

If you have changed the diet of your dog, if you have reduced the amount of food that you give him, and you increased the quality level of their feed and he still poops too many times a year, it may be an intestinal or pancreatic problem, like an exogenous pancreatic insufficiency. If this is what happens to your friend, you will have to take him to a specialist so that, together and after an examination, you can determine how to feed him to have a long and happy life.

In summary, if your dog poops many times a day you are giving too much food, or the food is of poor quality, or his doing too little exercise in relation to what he eats. Solve your doubts with our online veterinarians to learn how to get your dog to have a stool that is proof of his good health.


My dog is pooping blood and diarrhea, dog has bloody but acting norma...The treatment for diarrhea with blood in dogs cannot be based on home remedies. Do not ask yourself 'what can I give to him' and go urgently to your veterinarian, as it might be something serious.