My dog seems sad all of a sudden, is he depressed or sick?

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If your dog shows signs of being downcast, so much that he even seems to be depressed, you have to act. Sadness in dogs is usually the first sign of serious diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, or even cancer. Also, an upset stomach or a deep feeling of dissatisfaction.

In this article, we will talk about the main causes why your dog does not get up, spends all day sleeping, does not want to eat, and is depressed. Remember that these tips are always in general lines. Count with our online ethologists to get a personalized consultation without obligation.

My dog seems sad all of a sudden

It is important to differentiate the phases of a dog that looks sad or bored. As it happens to humans, the first thing he will have is an emotional response that will then turn into a physiological response. This means that, first, he will be downcast, then he will stop having an appetite, he will not want to play, and, later, he will want to sleep more and not get up.

Of course, these chains of behaviors vary according to the race and the age of your furry. Some dogs that are sad because their relationship with their caregivers is not what they need end up developing attitudes such as biting the wall, gnawing their legs, or chasing their tail.

My dog is depressed because of my new dog

If he is at the point, where he still eats but he seems downcast, we recommend that you take it as an alert. Has there been any drastic change in his life? Do you spend less time with him? Is there someone new in his life; maybe a second puppy? Analyze all these issues and remedy them.

The first thing you have to do is to follow your responsibility as PetLover: spend more time by his side. Resume the walks with him through the park and stimulate his brain. Do not forget that dogs are great trackers, so encourage him to play games that require him to use his nose.

My dog is hiding and acting strange, why?

They also enjoy playing hide-and-seek or running until exhausting all the energy they have. Each breed of dog or crossbreed has a daily exercise need that you have to know. If you have them fulfilled, it will be more difficult for him to be sad, to look downcast or depressed. You can check with our behavior experts to find out more about your friend and how to cheer him up.

If a dog is very sad he will not want to eat. Surely you've had some kind of love disappointment in your life that was so big you've got a stomach ache, right? Well, they feel the same thing. If this is the case of your friend, you have to apply the advice we gave you in the previous paragraphs and also improve his diet.

My dog does not want to eat and is depressed, what do I do?

The dog does not use his smell sense just to track things down; he also uses it to assess if one meal or the other is more palatable. What does this mean? For a while, you have to stop giving dry feed and opt for warm natural food recipes and warm wet can feeds. The aroma that these dishes give off will activate his desire to eat.

In many occasions, the cause of a dog's sadness is due to illness. When they do not want to eat but they do not vomit or have diarrhea, it can be a cold that clogs the holes of their truffles. If this happens, they will have a hard time perceiving the flavors, which you can solve with delicious foods.

The key to a good natural diet is to make the food a bit more cooked than if it were meant for you; ask what foods the dogs can eat and which ones he cannot, clean them from any bone or fishbone, and have our online dietitians to advise you.

My dog does not want to eat, vomits and is sad

All these tips will be worth if your friend does not have pain in the back, anus, nose, belly or joints, if he does not vomit or have diarrhea and if his stools are a normal brown color and not sticky. However, if his refusal to eat and his depression are accompanied by another symptom, the best thing you can do is to urgently consult a veterinarian.

This is important because, as we told you at the beginning of this article, your dog being weird and sad is the first clue to the presence of a possible disease. Ask us your question in case you have any doubts.