My dog vomits a dark brown liquid and does not eat, what's wrong?

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If you are a first-timer PetLover it is normal to be scared if you see that your dog vomits a brown liquid that also smells very bad and he also stops eating. Before starting with this article we want to reassure you, dogs have the capacity for vomiting more developed than us.

They do it more frequently and with greater ease because one of their tools to recognize the environment is to bring things to their mouth. They have to do something to get rid of what they swallow that is not beneficial to them, right?

My dog is throwing up brown liquid that smells like poop

That does not mean you should not worry if your dog vomits a brown liquid, white or yellow foam, just know that he ate strange things and returning them is part of their nature.

When you do have to put yourself urgently in the hands of specialists is when this habit persists throughout the day. If that happens, ask our online veterinarians.

Why does my dog vomit dark brown things?

There are several reasons why he has been able to vomit something similar to chocolate but that smells terrible. The most common is that it is a very active dog, full of energy and vitality, so much, that he cannot resist do exercising and playing just after eating. After some running, the food may end up being expelled by the mouth because so much rhythm has not allowed him to process it well.

If this is your case, the brown vomit will be punctual and you will not have to worry, just get him to eat less and not let him move so much until a little while. Ideally, do not serve all the food at once on the plate, but distribute it in five doses throughout the day, so he will eat too much and stop those vomits at once. This tip also helps you to control the weight of your overweight furry.

Dog vomiting brown liquid and not eating because of an indigestion

If your dog's food is of poor quality, filled with preservatives, dyes, chemicals or unnatural nutrients, he may feel unwell and vomit it out. To prevent this from happening to him, you have to change his diet. Create for him a calendar of meals in which the wet cans are present, quality feed, and also other home-made recipes created by you.

Dogs love homemade warm foods. The best way to avoid weight gain is to use lean meat combined with carrots, very cooked potatoes or pasta. Make sure that neither have bones nor thorns and you will see how his tail wags after each bite, without vomiting.

Brown vomiting may be caused by indigestion

One of the causes why dogs most frequently vomit this brown substance is because they eat poop. His tongue and his are his best ally when it comes to recognizing the stimuli that he finds on the street, so it is not surprising that many feces of his colleagues end up in his stomach.

If this happens, your dog will vomit it and, obviously, they will look and smell particularly bad.__ This type of indigestion is not only caused by eating these excrements__, but it can also happen by sticking his head in the trash and swallowing rotten food, licking urine or other products that are harmful to his health.

To prevent this from happening you have to always be very aware of him when you take it out for a walk, especially if you go through areas that you do not know.

Do not let him get between shrubs, to sniff between the waste or gobble up the remains of other dogs. A trick that we give you is that you do not spend the time you spend together looking at your phone and consulting your Instagram, it is better to play with him, that you look at everything he does and that you do not lose sight of him.

What to do if he vomits brown continuously

All the advice we have given you is in the event that the vomit occurs only once, if it continues throughout the hours, leave your query to one of our veterinarians to rule out a severe gastric problem.

You should know that it is a matter of urgency if you notice him lethargic, if the vomit occurs in combination with diarrhea, blood or pain in the abdomen.