My dog's hair falls out in clumps and patches, why?

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Excessive hair loss in your dog is a signal of alarm. If your furry keeps losing it after a day and gets bald areas, get in touch with our online veterinarians.

In this article, we are going to help you analyze and understand the reasons why his hair falls off in strands, so that you can make your query better and get the answer you are looking for as soon as possible.

My dog's hair is falling out in clumps, what can I do?

First, you have to differentiate the normal seasonal hair change with massive unnatural hair losses. Like humans, animals also lose their hair at specific times of the year; did you know that the hairiest get to lose almost half of their hairs when the heat of June or August arrives?

In Barkibu, with the arrival of summer, we receive many inquiries on this subject. Our advice is that you get used to brushing your friend daily, that you slightly increase the frequency of his baths, and that you have lots of patience, because it will be your turn to clean your house more.

Hair loss in dogs due to illness, stress, feeding, and parasites

You will know that he has a problem and that you need to consult our online veterinarians when his body produces bald spots, his hair falls out in areas, or wounds appear on his body. There are four reasons why this may be happening, the most common are: poor diet, stress, parasites, or disease.

The quality of its strands, their brightness, strength, and good smell are symptoms that your dog is healthy, eats well, and is happy. If his hair is brittle and falls out in abundance, the first thing you have to do is to check how you feed him.

Home remedies for dog lossing hair in patches

Do you feed him with cheap supermarket feed? If your answer is yes, change your habits. Check with our veterinarians what the ideal diet is for him according to his weight, age, and energy expenditure.

You will have to establish a meal calendar that combines feed of quality with rich and moist recipes and other foods prepared by you. Dogs love routine, but it has to be fun and stimulating, especially if we are talking about dogs like the Belgian Shepherd malinois, who are pure wit and need constant motivation, also with regards to what they eat.

My dog has changed his behavior and his hair falls off

Have you moved recently? Is he depressed? Do you spend less time with your friend? Have you returned to work after having been a long time without working? A dog is a deeply emphatic animal; what you feel he also feels. He is also very sensitive, being able to suffer separation anxiety, depression, stress, and unhappiness; so much that it ends up reflecting in his physical appearance, losing hair.

If he suddenly sleeps more, is in a worse mood, barks when you are not by his side, and loses hair, you must understand that he may be depressed or suffering stress. If this is your case, you will need the advice of a specialist.

In Barkibu, we have online ethologists, behavioral experts who will help you to lift his spirits, although you already know how: play more with him, give him more pampering and, when you go to take a walk with him, pay attention to him and not to your smartphone.

Causes of hair loss in dogs due to parasites

Your dog is continuously besieged by parasites. That is why his immune system must always be strengthened with good nutrition, hygiene, the exercise he needs, and lots of love. If we really are PetLovers, we must reduce the chances that the parasites have to harm him, but if one of these four pillars of their happiness is neglected, we open the door so they can feast on our dogs.

There are parasites that lodge in your friend's hair and wait for their chance to penetrate his system and hurt him. If you clean him well, if you brush him, and if you give him nutritious food, these parasites will have a hard time, but if you do not take care of his health, you will see that these invaders are having a great time when you start discovering bald spots in combination with the presence of others symptom.

We are referring to the mites that roam freely in the sebum that your dog uses to lubricate each of its hair strands. If this is what happens to your friend, he needs a specific treatment that starts with improving his hygiene habits.

Other causes why your dog's hair falls

Other less common reasons that we will evaluate after ruling out the ones we have presented you are scabies, some allergy that he may be suffering, a fungal attack, or hypothyroidism.
In short, improve the quality of what your dog eats, make his environment clean, and make sure he is happy. If his hair keeps falling after 24 hours or the fall is massive, count on us.