My dog's nose is cold and wet, what does it mean?


Apr 22

Posted by Barkibu editors

One of the most common questions that novice PetLovers ask our online veterinarians is 'why my dog has a very cold and wet nose? Is it a symptom of a disease?' These questions include the following reasoning: if when I am sick my nose gets red and my snot hangs up, as if it was mucus, does that mean that my dog is also sick?

The answer is no. The nose, either wet or cold in doggies, is a symptom of good health. The problem, in fact, occurs when the truffle (the outer part of his snout) is dry or cracked. When we assess the health status of our friend, we cannot always try to guess it by comparing it with ours, especially regarding his snout or his body temperature, which normal values are always a couple of degrees higher than ours.

Why my dog has a very wet and ice cold nose?

You have to think of his truffle as a kind of olfactory radar. That moisture that surrounds it increases its effectiveness; it allows him to better capture the odor particles and transport them better to his brain. That's why your friend repeatedly licks his nose throughout the day; it does not mean he has something stuck in it, but he is enhancing this ability.

It is thanks to this mechanism that it is said that dogs are more capable of using smell as an information collector than we are. So much so, that when a dog gets older and has cataracts or loses sight because of glaucoma, he is able to continue orienting himself, all thanks to how good his sense of smell is. Now, are there any cases in which licking his nose too much can be a problem? Can they get the truffle too wet?

My dog licks his nose a lot, what's the matter?

You have to know how to differentiate a normal attitude with a compulsion. As his caregiver, you have to be fully aware of his behavior, how he acts, and whether his way of being changed suddenly from one day to another or progressively. As it happens to people, your dog may find himself going through a period of stress or anxiety, expressing this tension he has in his body by licking it.

If you think your dog licks his nose too much, make a consultation with our online veterinarians, our ethologists can recommend what to do to stop this habit. In any case, you should also analyze yourself and your relationship with him.

A dog can suffer from anxiety if there have been significant changes in his life that have altered his routine, his walking times, his food, or the time he spends with you. If your dog does not stop salivating, it can also be due to this; so count on our specialists to lend you a hand.

Why does my dog keep his tongue out?

If the problem is not that he licks, but that he spends lots of time with his tongue out, he may have a problem in his mouth or jaw; not having enough space in it to accommodate the tongue comfortably. Stress and this problem may have led him to lick his nose vigorously.

My dog has a wet nose and sneezes, does he have a cold?

One thing is your furry to keep his truffle moist and the other is that it is wet because it's loaded with snot. If you see that it drops, that he sneezes, and that he is sad, apathetic, and tired, it could be that your dog has caught a cold.

The first thing you have to do in this situation is to confirm if he has a fever by measuring his body temperature; then check if he has lost his appetite and if he is more sleepy than normal. Write down all this and ask our online veterinarians.

If it is not something serious, he will be cured if you watch his diet, make your home warm, being especially affectionate with him, and not using any home remedy that you have read online or giving him human medicines. Any of these two actions can end up putting in his body some toxic substances for which his digestive system is not prepared for.

If his nose is too clogged, it is best to take him to your bathroom and let the hot water run; the mist will help him to clear it up. That does not mean that you have to put him in the shower area or the bathtub, because it is best for him to stay dry.

In short, a healthy dog will have a wet nose, but if it has snot or if he licks it too much, the best thing you can do is to call our online vets.