My fish is dying, How do I save him if he is suffering?


May 21

Posted by Barkibu editors

How to save a fish that is dying? Your fish does not move or he is sideways and breathes with difficulty? If you want to know how to react in time, you will have to be able to identify the symptoms of a dying fish or one having a serious illness.

This article collects the most common signs that your fish friend is not in good health; anyway, due to the high number of types of fish and situations that can be faced depending on their nature, we recommend that you submit a consultation to our online veterinarians giving us all the possible details, his symptoms, and how long he has been suffering from them.

My fish is dying, how do I save him?

The first thing you have to know is where to look. The parts of the body where we can find clues of possible death or disease are the fins, the abdomen, the state of his tail, the color of his body, and his eyes. You also have to be very aware of his behavior, of how he swims, and in what position he does it.

We say this because if you see that he swims on his sides and even with the abdomen pointing to the ceiling could indicate that he may be suffering a collapse of his systems. That is, the way your fish behave is important. Remember that he can suffer a lot of stress or anxiety, which aggravates his health condition. An aquarium adapted to his needs, the right amount of oxygen, having the right companions, and good nutrition will always help.

How do goldfish act when they are dying?

The two most easily visible symptoms that show us we are facing illness are in his body and in his fins. Is there an infection? Sometimes blood can come out of them, possibly virus, bacteria and even fungus can cause that. Being aware of this infection and isolating him quickly in case he has it can save the lives of other fishes.

Another worrisome symptom is that he shows wounds in them or they are different, as if bulky. Every day, worry about examining how everything is with him. As for his belly, it is worrying that it is inflated as if it had air, but also that it is contracted inwardly. Fish can suffer many feeding problems; these two clues are telling you that you are doing something wrong.

Our online veterinarians will inform you what kind of food you have to give and how much of it for him to recover his health. Ask us your question indicating age, type of fish, and all the data that you consider appropriate, so you will save him.

My fish keeps dying but water is fine, why?

Another symptom that a fish is in danger of death can be found when you notice changes in his skin. The fish have to maintain a healthy pigmentation, but this can be darkened or turn whitish. Sometimes, because of the presence of fungi, he may end up suffering from the disease of white spots, which also require your attention if you do not want it to spread throughout the aquarium.

In addition to all these symptoms, another crucial clue is found in his eyes. Look at his eyes normal shape and size when the fish arrives at your home. We tell you this because they can sink inside his body, be more bulging than normal, and even show as with they have a layer over them that gives them some opacity. All these symptoms require the attention of a specialist; again, we recommend that you ask us for help.

Why does the fish stay at the bottom without moving?

There may be cases in which your fish does not move and is on his side; he does not move, but still breathe or spend the day floating on his side. These symptoms are usually due to a disease related to his swim bladder and are usually fatal. Fortunately, they do not always lead the animal to death, but in many cases they do.

If your fish has these behaviors, the first thing you have to do is isolate him. This way you will get him to rest in a fish tank where he will not have stress or anxiety. Leave him fasting a little and then improve his diet, as he tends to have a problem related to his digestive system.

How to reanimate a dying fish?

Follow this process if you have any fish that presents these symptoms: clean the impurities that may be in the body and in the gills with care and hygiene, then, contact our online veterinarians to get more information.