Risks of contraceptive pills for female cats

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The contraceptive pills that are administered to cats so that they do not have heat, stopping their ovulation, entail great risks. They are formulated with progestin, a synthetic progestogen similar to progesterone, so in case of administering them, it must always be with strict control of intakes. You cannot delay or miss even a single day.

Cat's contraceptive pills can only be supplied if they have been prescribed by a veterinarian, but you should know that, even in these circumstances, they cannot be used as a lifelong method to prevent conception; but why?

Contraceptive pills in cats increase the risk of tumors’ appearance

These drugs greatly increase the chance that your car will get breast or uterine cancer, but there is still more, because she may end up suffering from diabetes, succumb to depression, suffer significant hair loss, and change her behavior completely.

Do not forget that this pill is a strong kick of hormones that can completely alter her body; it is not a game.

The occasion when taking it can occur without excessive risks to her health is when she just made surgery or is overcoming a pathology, having to leave a reasonable time before proceeding to sterilization through surgical procedures. That is, these pills should only be taken as a temporary solution to a problem, never as something for life.

Are there alternatives to contraceptive pills for cats?

In addition to the sterilization that we indicated, there is also the possibility of administering hormones through an injection. These are synthetic and are given in a single dose, so you avoid the possible oversight that she did not take the medicine at the correct time.

Anyway, we insist, the best solution for the sterilization of your cat has to be through surgery in which the ovaries and womb are removed. This intervention is recommended since it offers certain benefits: to avoid pyometra (infection in the womb) and, above all, to avoid procreation and the possible abandonment of kittens.

We hope this post makes you think twice about giving your cat a contraceptive pill. If you have any questions regarding the sterilization or castration of your cat, count on our team of online veterinarians.