Symptoms of a dying cat of old age, of kidney failure or from cancer

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As his caregiver, you have to know what to do when your cat dies depending on their age, where he tends to do it, and the symptoms that he manifests when he is moribund. It is your responsibility. Today we are going to talk about the signs that a cat is about to die of old age, how to deal with this hard happening and how to act. We know that it is a hard moment because we have gone through it more than once, so we hope that this article can help you.

Remember that you are not alone in these moments, count with our online veterinarians to advise you and give you all the advice you need on what to do when your cat dies, both emotionally for you and for him.

Signs a cat is dying of old age

Accompanying your cat in his last days is cause for celebration. The last cat that lived by our side died too young from illness and we would have liked to accompany him until his old age. Think about him and be strong, because you'll have to be for both of you. The hairy guys are predators that take pride in their instincts of the hunt. However, as they accomplish their years, we notice how his senses are hampered and that makes him sad.

To our online veterinarians many queries of cats that die of sadness arrived in spite of the fact that they receive a lot of love. The reality is that it is not that the feline is burdened or stressed, is that he knows that he is getting older. You'll have to be particularly sympathetic to him because his character will change, it will become more unsociable and irritable. It is considered.

Symptoms that a cat is dying from cancer

Today, cats live many more years than before. There are even those reaching 18 years of age, which was unthinkable not too long ago. However, longevity has one drawback: the emergence of diseases.

It is now more common than before for a cat to suffer cancer or dementia. The older he gets, the lower defenses he will have, he will be sadder and he will be more prone to suffer this type of ailments. If you notice that he is getting sick all the time and he is an old cat, you will know that you have little time to his side.

It is important that since birth you should always examine your feline, that you get used to his respiratory rate, the color of his stools, to the volume of their fur, the smoothness of his skin, the color of his gums and his eyes and his body temperature. It is key to being able to anticipate possible diseases he may have and also to see some of the symptoms that your dying cat more clearly.

Because everything you thought to know about him will change. From the heat of his body, his breath and his skin will present another aspect. When you notice these changes you will know that it is time to maximize your care, be particularly sympathetic to him and get used to seeing him lose the appetite and the will to drink water.

Cat dying at home, do they hide?

The death of a cat is usually preceded by the search for a hiding place. Your friend will feel very weak and also a bad hunter. As he loses his appetite, he will not have the strength and will be tired to be suffering from recurrent diseases. Sad and unnerved by what is happening, he might go look for a shelter in your home or away to die in peace. It is normal that he falls asleep and never wake up if death occurs to him due to natural causes.

How to deal with the death of a cat

The first thing you need to do is to not be ashamed of your feelings, although some idiot will tell you that it is not normal to feel what you feel for an animal, your cat has been important in your life. Cry if you need it, but always far away from him. Cats are less influenced than dogs, but they are affected by how you feel. Look for a friend who understands you and relieve yourself on his side. If you have any concerns, you can also leave a query to our online veterinarians.

It is important that you try to make it as easy as possible for this hard time. Cats don't have the same understanding of death as we do. They are not sad because they are leaving this world, but because they recognize themselves as bad hunters. They do not hide because they are depressed, but because they are looking for a last den in which to rest peacefully until it is their time.

That is why it is best that you're not condescending or get depressed. It is hard, but you have to left room for him more than ever, always provide him a good quality of food, and contact your veterinary when he passes away. A lot of encouragement for you.