The Slimy Bacteria Living In Your Dog's Water

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Is your dog's water bowl clean enough? Ever felt the slippery surface and thought it was just your dog slobbering? Well, it's not. It's biofilm.

Biofilm is a group of microorganisms that stick to each other and to your dog's water bowl. Biofilm is a paradise for Listeria, E.coli and legionella among other organisms and bacteria.

Biofilm is not a problem only related to your dog's water bowl. We can find these microorganisms at home too. In our teeth even! It is what we better know as dental plaque.

Cleaning Is A Must

Many owners just refill the water bowl without cleaning it. We should clean the water bowl at least once a week, and change the water at least once a day. If more than one dog drinks from the same bowl, then we should clean it every day. The best way to eliminate biofilm is using the dishwasher.

It is also recommended to use steel bowls better than plastic, since they are easier to clean.