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Which are the most common cat breeds?__ What breed is my cat?__ There are about 70 officially recognized breeds of cats, within which there may be variations in color, hair length or fur pattern. In short, every cat is a world!

What breed is my black cat?

Cats of "pure" breed are considered to be those that have predecessors of the same race or that have been crossed with another standard breed allowed. For example, a bombay cat could have, among his ancestors, one of the burmese breed. Normally the breed is usually certified by a pedigree.

The breeds can be natural, as in the case of siamese; they may have been created by man after different crosses of cats, like the ragdoll; or to be hybrid, that is to say, that have been obtained by the crossing between domestic and wild cats. A clear example of this last type is the bengali cat.

Domestic cats breeds

The majority of cats are domestic cats. Within this term, all cats are included, of which their origin is unknown and they arise from the crossing of felines of different breeds.

Domestic cats can be big cats, small cats, skinny cats, furry cats... There one for every taste! They have the most varied colors and patterns and are, without a doubt, the most popular cats.

Types of domestic cats - Identifier online

According to their color and pattern, we can distinguish some types of domestic cat:

  • Solid: They are cats of a single color. They can be black, bluish, red or white. In the case of the latter, the absence of color is due to a genetic defect and if it coincides with a blue pigmentation in the eyes, the cat is very likely to be deaf.

  • Two-color cat: It can be white/black, white/orange, white/cream or white/blue. Undoubtedly, the variety "tuxedo" (white/black) is the most elegant since it gives the impression that cats of this type are dressed in a tuxedo.

  • Tortoiseshell or carey: They are red and black, in all their variants. Sometimes they may contain some white, but very little. They can be of the patched type, if the color spots are defined or variegated type if the color is very mixed. These cats are so special that they have even talked about having their own attitude "tortitude", they are said to be temperamental, independent and very possessive of humans but we are convinced that it is a myth since all the carey we know are pure love. For genetic reasons, this class of cats has a 99% chance of being female and, in the rare case of being male, they are usually sterile.

What breed is my cat? We help you to know it

  • Calico: They are orange, white and black. The spots on their hair do not follow a pattern, they are always different, so you will never find two identical calicos. Like the carey, they are almost always females.

  • Barcino, Roman or "tabby": These cats can be orange and gold, or gray and blue. Cats of this type have the curious coincidence of presenting a darker spot in the form of "M" over the eyes, although it is not so visible in all cats. According to their color pattern, they are subdivided into:

    • Striped: It is the most common type of pattern. It presents fine horizontal stripes along the entire body and in the form of rings on the neck, legs, and tail.
    • Classic: It is very similar to the striped type but with the difference that, in the area of the spine, the stripes are thick and irregular. If you look from above, these spots seem to form the drawing of a butterfly.
    • Stained: The drawings of the fur, in this case, are in the form of small spots with different shapes.
    • Jasper: The stripes or spots, unlike the other types of tabbies, are very poorly defined. We found a good example of this pattern in abyssinian cats.

Grey and white card breeds

Cats can also be classified according to the length of their hair. We find 3 types:

- Long hair cats: like the persian or the himalayan cat.

- Semi-long hair cats: like the balinese or the american curl.

- Shorthair cats: like the burmese or the bengali. In this last group, we would also include cats of the sphynx type.

Knowing these two classifications we will be able to define our domestic cats as "calico with semi-long hair", "barcino with short hair", etc. In the end, the race or the way we call our felines is the least important thing; the most important thing is to give them a lot of affection, because yours already we have it more than guaranteed.

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