What can I do to stop my dog from eating poop of cats and pigeons?

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Sometimes you will find your dog eating your cat's feces and even the sand in which he deposits it. In this article, we will talk about the dangers of eating cat, chicken, human or other animals poop; we will also provide a solution for the dog to stop doing so.

In most cases, the intake of feces from another dog or cat occurs only in the first months of the animal's life. If he also does it in his adult stage, we recommend that you continue reading. You can also make use of our online ethologists, our experts in canine behavior, which will give you a customized solution for your case.

How do I stop my dog from eating poop naturally

In the vast majority of cases, your friend does this not because he is ill or has some mental disorder, he does it simply because he is hungry and these stools smell like food to him.

The excrements of animals, whether they are from a person, rabbit, chicken or cat, are nothing else than processed food that went through the digestive system. That is to say, they do not cease to be a source of possible food and nutrients for them, so they smell like such.

The one from cats can smell like his feeding, the one from hens to corn, and the one from humans to meat, if that is what the person has eaten. The problem is that the stools are full of bacteria and even viruses, which can cause diseases.

A dog acquires the habit of eating feces from his mother. If he was born in the street or in an unprotected environment, his mother will take all the droppings of her children to her mouth so that they do not get intoxicated with them. So, he learns that doing it is good, because he has been taught by the only other animal in the world he knows so far.

Why is my dog eating poop all of a sudden?

Most of the furry that has this habit end up having vomiting in addition to increasing the chances of getting some disease. That is why we have to tackle this behavior knowing the causes for which it occurs. In addition to an apprehended behavior, coprophagy can occur for two reasons: diet and psychological.

The furry ones love the routine, they need it to not suffer stress, but there must be variety within it. That means that you cannot limit yourself just to give him the feed day after day, you also have to offer natural food in some days and even other wet can recipes. You must schedule a few days a month to serve him something special, checking if he likes it or not, or if it causes an allergic reaction.

Get used to renewing his diet every so often so that he enjoys eating. We tell you this because if he gets bored he will need new flavors, and that can lead him to positively appreciate the odors detected in cat poop.

Are there any products to stop my puppy from eating poop?

Not only will he turn to coprophagy as a way to look for new flavors, but also because he needs quality vitamins or proteins that he does not get from what you give them now. This symptom is frequent in furry animals that receive poor-quality feed. If this is your case, leave your query to our online dietitians, we will recommend what to feed him with so he does not need cat feces.

My dog eats pigeon poop, how do I avoid it?

The other reason is just as serious as those related to his intake, because it is in his mind. A dog is an animal that needs activity, movement, and exercise. They are predators, explorers, and curious by nature. That means you need to motivate him, exercise his mind with search exercises, forcing him to use his nose and run by his side.

If you do not do this, he will usually become frustrated, stressed, and anxious. If this happens to him, he will end up developing toxic and destructive behavior. Some furry do it with their legs, biting them. Others prefer to gnaw the walls of their house or to spend the night crying or howling and some prefer to eat stools.

Knowing how this behavior occurs, we also know how to correct it: with positive reinforcement and never with shouting, with lots of exercises, affection, and a balanced diet. If you see that he approaches his nose to the deposition of another animal, take him away from it without getting angry and reward him when he decides to leave the poop aside.

Remember that if none of these tips help you, contact our online experts in canine behavior.