What can i give my dog for bad breath and get rid of it?


Jun 28

Posted by Barkibu editors

Bad breath in dogs is a warning sign that something is not right. It is worrying in adult dogs, but it is worse in puppies. When the furry ones are newborns they still do not have the immune system prepared at 100%, so every minimal symptom of disease has to be taken into consideration.

A bad smell in his mouth or saliva means that there is some part of his body where the bacteria are proliferating, but where? It can be both in his mouth and in his lungs, it can also mean an infestation of parasites. In this article, we are going to talk about all these issues, but remember that you can count with our online veterinarians to solve all your doubts.

DOG TEETH CLEANING at Home, how to REMOVE TARTAR from dogs

We tell you how to clean the teeth of your dog and the importance of brushing daily so that they don't get green or yellow, also with which tools you can brush. The dental health of your puppy, adult or old dog is critical to their overall good health.

How to get rid of bad dog breath?

We know that we have started the article with a very daunting tone, but it is because we prefer that, before you lose time reading this article, you go visit your veterinarian or get in touch with our online specialists to get a personalized response to the capabilities of your doggie. And this is for the best.

More than half of the time that your dog's mouth smells rotten, a smell like iron or something very foul, it is because he has poor dental hygiene, because he tends to eat soft things that stick to his teeth, or because he has accumulated a lot of tartar. There are very few caregivers who know how important it is to have good dental hygiene.

Your dog's saliva smells bad from bad brushing

Here are a few tips for you to leave his teeth perfect and remove that bad smell. First of all: brush his teeth every day. Yes, every day. Saying it is easier than doing it, but with specific toothpaste for dogs (never use human's toothpaste, since it contains fluoride and it is toxic for dogs), a soft brush, and patience, you will achieve it.

In addition to this, make him drink plenty of water every day, as it will help him clean his mouth. You also have to reduce the amount of wet or soft food he eats, because they are most likely to end up between his teeth.

The problem of not cleaning his fangs is that he will accumulate tartar, which is full of the bacteria that cause the bad smell. These bacteria can be transformed into major diseases that then travel to his organs causing much damage.

My dog's breath smells bad because of his stomach

Not always his bad breath is because of bad brushing. As with humans, if they have problems in digestion or in the stomach, gases can be produced that travel to their mouth causing bad smells. If he is suffering from gastritis or esophagitis, this will happen to him. Normally, in addition to manifesting a bad breath, this disease will cause disorders when pooping.

Remember that most of the problems associated with gastritis are often associated with poor nutrition. You should start by giving quality food adapted to his weight and age. The vast majority of diseases would not occur if your dog eats high-quality food, combined with homemade recipes, plenty of water, and plenty of exercises.

My puppy's mouth and lips smell bad

It's not always a problem with his teeth or his stomach. Sometimes, this bad smell is due to dermatitis that is found in the mouth. Even sometimes the nauseating miasma comes from his ear, but we confuse it as originating in his mouth. It is important to first identify where the source of the smell is before attempting to resort to a home remedy. That's why the important thing is to leave this role to a veterinarian.

This is something we always say: do not apply 'magic' solutions that you find online; always go to a specialist. Remember that if you make a mistake or if it does not work, you will be losing precious time that could cost you his life.


Home remedies for bad breath of dogs are designed to take away that smell of rotten fish from the mouth of your furry. The cleaning of teeth for doggies is fundamental, and learning how to detect possible diseases by analyzing the state of their mouth also is.

Metabolic diseases that cause bad breath

In addition to these diseases, which are easier to solve, there are others that are not that easy. That bad smell can mean a kidney problem, diabetes, or even the accumulation of ammonia in the blood. Imagine that you think your dog's bad breath is because he has gastritis and you start fasting when he really has a kidney problem.

We hope that this article will help you understand how important it is that your dog's breath smells good; it is a symptom of health and that everything is going well.