What to Do if Your Dog Was Poisoned

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On the streets there are many substances that might be dangerous for your dog. Knowing what to do in those cases is very important.

What Should I Do if My Dog Was Poisoned?

The fist step is identifying the poison. This way it will be easier to treat him.

In the park, it is common to find corrosive products such as bleach, or acids like cleaners or rat poison.

With corrosive products, it is very important to never induce vomiting. We can offer the dog milk or water until we get to the closest vet so he or she can treat our pet.

If the dog eats rat poison (or cleaners), we should induce vomiting as soon as possible.

How Can I Induce Vomiting?

  • Use hydrogen peroxide diluted with water (50-50) only in cases when we know the dog was poisoned with an acid such as rat poison

  • You can also use activated charcoal, also diluted with water.

  • If the dog eat rat poison, never give them milk.

These are just first aid measures. We always need to go to the vet as soon as possible. If you can go to the vet the very same moment the dog was poisoned, then don't wait.

Also, notify the authorities if the poison was on the streets or in a park, so they can clean and control de area.