Why does my cat bite me when i pet him and he is purring?

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Why cats bite their masters is a common question that is usually asked our online ethologists. It is not always easy to determine why they do it, which is why we encourage you to request a personalized consultation, explaining in detail the behavior of your furry in particular. That way we can determine more accurately the reason for his behavior.

What we are going to do in this article is to gather the most common causes by which a cat can bite you hard, without letting you go; aiming your legs, hands, and even the nose in some cases. You may see yourself identified in the situations we will deal with below, but we insist that you get in touch with our behavior experts because of the complexity of the cats' personality.

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My cat bites me hard; does he do it because he hates me?

Before we start we want to make it clear that the normal thing is not that your cat attacks or bites you because he hates you, it has nothing to do with it.__ Meows, purrs, scratches or bites are the way he expresses himself__. As his caregivers, what we have to do is teach him to be sociable and to behave properly, which means that he should learn not to bite you.

This behavior is usually learned when they are kittens. When they are tiny it is a pleasure to play with them with our own hands or legs, approaching them and moving away to see how they react. The cats, thus, awaken their hunter instinct and throw their claws against our fingers.

The problem is that, what for us is a game for him is something more; it is an expression of his nature.

My cat bites my legs, how do I stop him?

If the bites are due to this, remember that it is not right to scold him because he is a “bad cat”. You have taught him to express himself this way and now you want him to stop doing it? Just because he is already an adult and his teeth hurt you? Well, the guilt that he has this behavior is not entirely his. The best thing you can do is to buy toys that involve interactions with him and not with your body.

As he ignores and chooses to bite them and not you, caress and reward him with something tasty that he likes. If he is obese, do not give him calorie trinkets, opt for low-fat natural food products. And of course, stop playing with him throwing your hands on him so he reacts, just express your love or check if his fur or skin is healthy.

My cat bites me when I sleep

If he attacks you when you are asleep, the most usual thing is that he has extra energy to get rid of and he is calling your attention to achieve that. In order for this not to happen, we recommend that you follow the advice that we have given you in previous paragraphs: that you play with him and that you have elements that you can use in a controlled manner.

With that and a few hiding or trapping exercises, he will be so tired that, when the night comes, he will not want to bother you. If in spite of doing this he keeps nagging you, do not hesitate to get in touch with our online ethologists, you will need a personalized consultation for the specific case of your furry.

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My cat bites me hard and does not let go

In addition of doing it as part of a game or to expose his predatory instincts, he can also scratch or bite you to express that he does not like the affection that you are professing in that particular way. It is a mistake to classify the felines saying that they all have the same personality, because it is not like that. Each one has different sensibilities; some of them like more or less pampering, caressing or independence.

You have to understand that, although cats are very cute, they are not stuffed toys. That is, they are not there for you to put your hands at and to hug them, but they are there to be themselves. Sometimes, your friend will look for your company, but not always and you cannot force this. If he snorts when you caress, he means that he is already tired of the hugs session or that you have touched something that hurts.

Leave him at his leisure on the spot, stand still and wait for him to understand that he has the situation under control. Next, try to examine the area where you pressed in case of a hit or injury. If such is the case, visit your veterinarian; if it is not, make a mental note that he does not like to be touched there.

As we tell you, each cat is a separate world. If this advice is not enough and you want to know more, make a consultation without commitment. Our feline behavior experts will answer you without any compensation.