Why does my dog mouth my hand and bite me when I pet him?


Apr 10

Posted by Barkibu editors

Does your dog bite your feet when you walk, your hands when you pet him, or he attacks you when you scold him? It is normal behavior for dogs to bite, especially during his first months of life. They need to sink their teeth onto things they have around them. In that way, they relieve the pain they feel when their gums are born and explore the world around them.

However, once he is no longer a puppy, it is your job as PetLover to teach him to stop doing it. In case you do not educate him well, those bites will transform into a habit that can end up hurting you, especially if we talk about dogs of big breeds.

You can make a consultation with our online ethologists and receive a personalized response for your friend. Just detail his behavior and tell us what his race, age, and weight are. In this article, we will cover the most common cases by which your dog bites your hands.

Why does my dog mouth my wrist

Dogs use their teeth in response to moving stimuli that occur in their environment. If you walk with him through the mountain and discover an animal, or see your feet move, it is possible that he will us his jaws at them. We have to understand that this is something natural. Dogs, despite having transformed into wonderful companions through evolution, are still predators. His hunter's instinct remains alive in him.

Our job as his caregivers is to teach him some basic control behaviors so that he becomes more civilized. The key to doing so without using punishments. Biting is part of their nature and you cannot punish a dog for being a dog. Instead, resort to positive reinforcement and progressive style education.

What to do if my dog bites me?

Before starting to educate your dog, we recommend that you advise yourself first with our online ethologists. They will tell you how to do it well. In addition to this, you have to know that the dogs do not always bite because they are educated incorrectly; they also do it if something hurts. Imagine that you are touched in an area of your body that is inflamed and you cannot talk, what would you do?

That is, if your dog suddenly bites you and he had never done it before, the most possible thing is that something hurts. To know the status of your friend and the exact time he gets worse, we recommend that you cuddle him daily and check that his temperature is well. If you follow this routine you will always know if something hurts him or if he has a fever.

My dog attacks me when I scold him, what do I do?

If he bites you when you are punishing him, most likely he is having an emotional response to a stimulus that causes him fear. This is one of the reasons why we recommend never educating him through punishment, only through positive reinforcement and rewards.

If your dog has just arrived home and when you scold at him he gets angry and bites you, he may still have the traumatic memory of a former abuser owner. You will have to be patient and get in touch with our ethologists to know what to do, but love is the key.

My dog bites my hands slowly and not hard

If the bites are unintentionally harmful, he is not doing so out of fear, stress or animal instinct, he is playing with you. That does not mean you do not have to educate him. You should do so. To make your dog to stop biting, you have to remember that he loves you; he just wants your happiness and that he loves you. Knowing that, it will be your turn to do some theater.

Whenever he uses his teeth against you, get away; put on an angry face and stop the play. If you're taking a walk and you're bitten at the feet, turn around and go home. After a few days, if he cannot understand that the bites ruin the fun, you will have to say 'no', in a dry and direct way.

Next comes the positive reinforcement part. When you are playing and there comes a time when he usually bites and this time he does not, reward him with something that he likes to eat and caress him. Little by little, with patience, affection, and without getting angry, your friend will understand that the bites are not well received by you. We know that saying this may sound very easy, so do not hesitate to contact our ethologists if you need them.