Why is my dog whining all of a sudden? - Causes and solutions


May 27

Posted by Barkibu editors

Your dog has been crying a lot lately and you do not know why he does that? You cannot understand why your adult dog or your puppy won't stop sobbing at night? Today we are going to talk about the causes and the solutions you have to apply to stop the tears.

In Barkibu we have ethologists, experts in animal behavior, so if you want a remedy or a personalized explanation of what happens to your furry, make your query now. What you will read below are the most common cases that our veterinarians have encountered on the theme.

Does whining for attention?

The first thing you have to understand is that the causes why your dog cries are not the same as why a human does; at least not all of them. Your friend is an intelligent animal; he receives encouragement from you and learns what techniques he has to use to keep getting them. People are programmed to attend to those who are sad and cry; it is what we do with babies. Your furry knows it, so if you raise him like a spoiled baby he will act as such.

If you give him lots of pampering day after day and suddenly stop doing it, the next thing that will happen is your dog rubbing his body with yours and sobbing. If you fall under his manipulation and continue to caress him, you will be sending him the wrong message: that some tears will award him, so he will do it again and again.

Causes and solutions for crying dogs

The remedy to this situation is to educate him well, teach him that "no" is "no". We know that many times it is difficult; he has huge pleading eyes, you love him more than your own life, and you love to give him affection, but you cannot exceed it. Your dog has to learn to be alone, not to depend on your attention, and to understand that, with crying, he will not get everything he wants.

To achieve this, what you have to do is just pay attention and give awards when he asks for something with his dry eyes, in a non-emotional way.

My dog has started crying and whining at night?

Tears are a way to express his fear or stress. Sometimes, he also put the tail between the legs, especially if this fear is caused by the noise of firecrackers, screams in your home or in your neighbors. In case he does it when you're not at home or you're sleeping, what happens is that he has separation anxiety. Besides crying he can also bark if he understands that his sobs are not heard.

This not only happens to adults, but also to puppies. There are several tricks you can do to stop this. The first is to leave a podcast on in which people are heard talking in a pleasant way, without loud music and without shouting. You can also use a clock in which you can hear the ticking. Some dogs are reassured by hearing certain music bands. These noises will help him not to feel alone.

To accustom him to being independent, educate him to be alone by leaving home for longer and longer periods of time. That way, he will understand that you will always come back.

How to know if my dog has pain or illness?

It is important that you accustom your hairy not to cry by feeling abandoned for no reason, for being hungry or thirsty, because crying is also a way that your friend has to show that his stomach hurts, that he has parasites, or that he contracted a serious illness.

The best solution to just keep his weeping as a warning for these conditions is to get rid of all the tension from his body through sports and games, because this way he will sleep better at night and protest less. You also have to control his diet, having measured how many servings of food he needs per day and in what quantity. This also includes the water he drinks. You must never give in to his emotional blackmail, showing that affection happens spontaneously, not when he asks for it.

If his laments are heard at night, you will have to resort to the trick of putting something that emits human voices so he does not feel so alone. Following our advice, your dog will only cry in case something hurts. Depending on what other symptoms appear with the tears, you will have a disease or other condition that our online veterinarians can determine. Thank you very much for choosing us. For any questions, make your query to our ethologists.